The FC Barcelona dreams with fichar a mediocentro in this market of winter, but day in day out the options to hire to this player dissipate by fault of the Fair PlayFinancial . The culés do not have space to be able to inscribe to more footballers in LaLiga and, unless it sell Barça Vision and ingresen the 50 million euros that went to pay Free, will not be possible to reinforce the staff.

However, in the club work to find any resquicio that allow at least do some movement with some yielded or some free player. A case like this last would be Jesse Lingard, as they aim from 'Sportive World'. The English does not have team from this past summer and would arrive to Montjuïc entirely free, something that would facilitate a lot the things. Besides, although if it signed further of 2 February it could not play Champions, for LaLiga could him sign anytime, even out of term, due to the fact that it is without work.

The only but in the economic would be his wage, since it does some months refused to leave to Arabia when it seemed to have it done because it wanted more than what offered him. Nevertheless, to his 31 years, after several mediocre seasons followed, play in Barcelona would be his best opportunity for revalorizarse and to show that has level for the elite, by what the entity would have to take advantage of this so that it accept an inferior wage.

Lingard Is a tremendously polyvalent player, that with the step of the time has gone delaying his position until playing of interior or of half offensive. It would not be neither much less a pivote to the use, but would reinforce the zone that has left feeble the injury of Gavi. Besides, good part of his career has played of right extreme and especially left, so it also would throw a hand here and even of forward, where also has played more than once.

Lingard Has not surrendered from the 2021

Against of the English is that it never has gone out of the Premier, by what it would be necessary to see if it adapts to LaLiga, and also that it does not do a good campaign from the 2020/2021. This course marked 9 goals in alone 19 meetings with the West Ham, where was yielded in winter after being good part of the first-half of course lesionado in the United. Since, it has not found his place neither the United neither in the Nottingham Forest, where was free after finish agreement in Old Trafford in 2022, signing only a campaign.

To the FC Barcelona, Lingard could give him versatility to surrender in several positions if it arrives motivated and in shape. In his best moment, is a very hard-working footballer, with a good physicist, technically aseado and with arrival to the rival area and goal. Nevertheless, this version of Jesse does not see from 2021, by what the ideal if the culés bet by him would be to sign him by one or two years as a lot and with a low wage that do not engage to the club in case that it follow to the level showed these last years.