The FC Barcelona, now with Deco at the head of the sportive direction, has opted by a politics of incorporations that bases largely in adding to players with projection and considered promises. Such determination is born with the clear aim to improve to these footballers in the filial and give them an opportunity in the first team, or in his defect, sell them to another club by a price revalorizado in relation with the initial investment.

In this sense, one of the names that the Barcelona picture seems to follow closely is the one of Rafael Venancio, a defender of so alone 18 years that already has accumulated six performances with the selection Sub-20 of the Corinthians in 2024. As it informed 'SPORT', the Catalan cast has traced like aim ficharlo, and recently there has been approach between both parts. In fact, the representative of the player was in the Ciutat Esportiva, in Sant Joan Despí, where kept several meetings with the technical office of the combined Barcelonan.

Now, according to the referred source, the plan of the FC Barcelona with the defender, the one who even had the opportunity to participate in the pre-season with the first team 'Timãor' this season, is to incorporate it initially to the Juvenile To to complete his training. Nevertheless, also it expects that have participations with the filial of Rafa Márquez in some occasions.

The FC Barcelona will have competition by the signing of Rafa Venancio

In this point, the Barcelonan picture has to act with rapidity if it wants to ensure the services of the defender, since it has woken up the interest of a lot of international teams because of his good carry physical (measures 1.85 metres), his technician stood out and his capacity to correct played in the defensive line. Besides, his versatility like left side does it even more attractive. It mentions that combined like the Sporting Lisbon and the Port wine of Portugal previously showed interest in purchasing it, but any of these offers seems to have concretised.

In this line, also has spoken of the interest of several big of the Premier League and the Series To. Even it has commented that Juni Calafat, specialist in attracting young talent for the Real Madrid, would have recommended his signing to the club merengue. This shows that the player is very sought-after, especially considering that his agreement with the Brazilian cast finishes in 2026, what means that the Corinthians would have to look for him an exit if it does not renew it prompt.