The Atalanta topped in the big final of the Europe League 2023-24 after snatching him the invicto of 51 parties to the Bayer Leverkusen with a conclusive victory by 3-0 in front of the group of Xabi Alonso. The hat-trick of Ademola Lookman shattered the mark of duels without defeat of the Germans and achieved him to the ones of Bérgamo his first European title, his first besides from 1963 like team of first division.

But besides, the triumph of the Italians has represented them a ticket for the next Champions League, one that besides modifies him the plans to the FC Barcelona of way very positive. And it is that with the new format of the tournament of clubs more important of the world, the UEFA has delivered an extra ticket to the leagues with better performance in European competitions, one that in the case of the Series To allows that the first five qualifiers are in the renewed phase of groups of 36 teams.

The Barça, a big benefited of the Atalanta

But the Atalanta with his ticket ensured like champion of the Europe League, would open the possibility so that the Barça was in the bass drum 1 of the next draw, one that it is necessary to remember only sorteara the seven rivals that will have each group, since it will treat of a format of league. All the teams will group in a same group, by what the position in the bass drums will be to avoid to the greater quantity of rivals 'top' that it was possible.

It is necessary to highlight equally that it is a situation that right now does not find totally defined since the Italian football still has the possibility to add to a sixth: the Rome. The Atalanta in the fifth position with 66 points, with a party less, and to the Romans are in the sixth place with 63 points, by what if both kept these positions, the Wolf would put to the bass drum 1 of the following Glass of Europe and would displace to the Barça again to the bass drum 2 of the competition.

The culés will have to expect a pair of meetings more

But if the 'Dea' attained scalar to the third or fourth place, only would go the five first places to the Champions and this sixth place would give him to the Rome only the Europe League. Taking into account that the ones of Bérgamo have to play two parties more, the possibility that it surpass to Juventus or Bologna in the classification is very high, with both clubs having 68 units right now.