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The 'folders' that does not have to neglect the FC Barcelona of face to this summer

Published:23/05/2024 - 02:14h

Updated:23/05/2024 - 02:21h

The FC Barcelona, in addition to considering the future of Xavi Hernández in the club, has to take into account several appearances related with incorporations and drops of face to the next season. A subject that promises to be quite moved during the next veraniego

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The FC Barcelona seems to be entirely centred in the subject of the continuity of Xavi Hernández like trainer of the club, a subject that promises to keep in vilo to the barcelonismo until it resolve . It is especially notable to consider that, in case that the egarense was finally sacked, will be necessary to find quickly a replacement that can begin to work immediately in the structuring of the sportive project for the season 2024/25.

However, this situation does not have to do that the Barcelona cast forget completely of other pending subjects, as possible sales of players, incorporations and other institutional subjects that do not have to overlook. To continuation, in 'FCBN', review several of the 'folders' in which the picture culé could be working of face to the summer.

The rumours around possible sales of players 'top'

  1. Ronald Araújo

The future of Ronald Araújo is not entirely clear in the cast culé. In principle, everything seems to indicate that the club wishes that it remain in the next course and is considered like one of the key players in the sportive project. Even it has mentioned that has an offer of renewal on the table. However, also it is important to consider that if the Uruguayan does not show intentions to renew his agreement, the Catalan picture, taking into account his value like player and his cotización in the market (70 M€), could consider the option to put it in the market. Of course, this would require that the proposal was the sufficiently attractive so that the club decide to give off of one of his more representative players.

  1. Frenkie Of Jong

Another of the footballers that rumorea that it could be sold from the City Condal is Frenkie of Jong. In the case of the Dutch, occurs something quite similar to the of Ronald Araújo. It values like a key piece in the centre of the field and possibly one of the players more 'top' of the team. Nevertheless, when seeming, the club culé has not succeeded in renewing his agreement with some conditions salariales chords to the financial reality of the club. Therefore, if it does not answer to this proposal, the FC Barcelona could consider his sale, since it is another of the stars of the club that has a high value in the market (70 M€) and several beaux that would be had to do an important investment by him.

  1. Raphinha

The situation of Raphinha seems to be much less clear. The native of Carry Cheerful has been in an ambiguous position between being sold and not being sold. In fact, to the beginning of the season spoke a lot of the almost safe option to sell it, since there were clubs interested in ficharlo and would be had to offer important quantities of money to the Catalan club. However, with the closing of campaign that is having, has showed that it can be an important player in the defensive contribution of the team. To his time, his capacity to adapt and play like left extreme, a position in which the Barcelona cast has had aprietos in this course, does that his permanence in the club was, at least, a subject of debate.

The incorporations that will be possible to make

  1. Martín Zubimendi

The mediocentro of the Real Sociedad is one of the names that more interests to Xavi to reinforce the area of pivote. Nevertheless, his incorporation does not seem to be the simplest, since has agreement with the team donostiarra until 2027 and has expressed his wish to follow dressing the T-shirt of the picture 'blanquiazul' at least the next season. Besides, the Basques remit to the payment of a clause of rescission of 60 M€, what represents a complex cost to face for the Barcelonan square.

  1. Joshua Kimmich

Another mediocentro that interests a lot to the club to reinforce the area of pivote is Joshua Kimmich, whose situation in the Bayern Munich seems to be quite uncertain by the moment. To fault to know who will be the new trainer of the picture muniqués, seems that the native of Rottweil is more near to go out that to remain . However, the Barcelonan cast would confront again to an economic obstacle, andto that if the international germano does not renew his agreement, is very likely that the 'Die Roten' look for to sell it not to lose it to cost zero in 2025. This wants to say that the FC Barcelona would have to compete with other clubs 'top' and is likely that the value of transfer of Kimmich was not inferior to the 50 M€.

  1. Nico Williams

The minor of Williams is one of the names that more interests to the Barcelona picture to reinforce the left side because of the big disequilibrium that has showed that it can generate his side. Nevertheless, to the equal that in other cases, the Athletic Club has left clear that only would allow the exit of the player through his clause of rescission, which estimates in around 60 M€.

  1. Xavi Simons

The return of the son pródigo home, Xavi Simons, is one of the ideas that the sportive direction culé does not neglect. The Dutch seems to be had to recalar in the Barcelona club, however, the main fetter in this point seems to be negotiate with Paris Saint-Germain. Although the Parisians seem to have flexibilizado his posture regarding a sale, considering the cession like an alternative, in reality seem to be more interested in sending it again yielded to the RB Leipzig. Everything will depend on the posture that can adopt Simons and of the a lot of that insist to arrive to the combined Catalan.

  1. Bernardo Silva

The Portuguese has been one of the big longings of Xavi Hernández since it assumed like trainer of the picture culé, since it looks for to give him a jump of quality to the staff. To his time, Bernardo does not seem to be entirely against of this union, nevertheless, the club culé would have to board negotiations with the Manchester City by a figure of traspaso that apparently would not be inferior to the 55 M€. A complex situation for the Barcelona cast.

The loans of the Joao's

  1. JoãOr Félix

The Portuguese left extreme finalises his loan in the FC Barcelona the next 30 June and his future in the club is not clear. Although had an impressive beginning in the Barcelonan cast, in this stretch culminante of the season has lost leadership, although it also has showed that it can be a differential element if it is 'enchufado'. It is not clear if the club will bet for renewing his cession, since this will depend on the conditions imposed in the agreement of loan by part of the Athletic of Madrid.

  1. JoãOr Cancel

The luso also finalises his period of loan the next 30 June, but his situation seems to be different to the one of Félix. The Manchester City has showed disposal to sell it, pricing it in around 25 M€. It will be necessary to see if the FC Barcelona decides to bet by his purchase or looks for another method to retain the services of a player that has showed to have performances 'top' in this season, but also has showed questionable performances in some moments.

The future of Vitor Roque

To close, can not overlook the 'serial' around Vitor Roque, a player that arrived to the picture culé during the last market of winter generating a lot of illusion and expectation on his performance. However, after half course in club, his performances have been scarce, to the point that it has arisen the rumour of a possible cession in the market veraniego so that it purchase more experience.

Nevertheless, the agent of the player, Andre Cury, does not seem to agree with this idea and has expressed publicly that if it insists in yielding to 'Tigrinho', he would opt for looking for a definite sale, an alternative that has so much detractores like adherents. Likewise, it is necessary to take into account that the Brazilian is not inscribed for the next season and the fulfillment of the 'Fair Play' financial could play in his against. In his particular case, can not descartar any stage.

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