Pep Guardiola in a party with the City


The most chameleonic Guardiola reaches his 1st Champions League final in 10 years

Published:5/05/2021 - 09:05h

Updated:5/05/2021 - 09:05h

Pep Guardiola finally fulfilled his goal since he coached Manchester City and put the English in the first Champions League final in their history. It was also the first in ten years for the Catalan, who knew how to adapt to the demands of the crash

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Pep Guardiola at last attained to complete his big has to since it landed in Manchester in 2016 and reached his primea final of Champions League with the City. The English deleted to Paris Saint-Germain in semifinals of conclusive form after winning 1-2 in the gone and complete the machada in the turn with the 2-0 of this past Tuesday. A party in which the 'cityzens' showed that they are probably the team more camaleónica of Europe.

The Catalan technician has achieved that his team no only can play like the angels with balloon, but it also know to do the same without him. One of the arts that the one of Santpedor dominates and that always achieves that his teams dominate is the pressure after loss, something that the City does of luxury. The PSG has suffered in his meats this during the 'semis' and is precisely what has allowed that the 'skyblue' are in the big final.

A final that, by the way, will be the first of Guardiola in ten years. The trainer did not arrive to any from the 2011, when it did it and won it with the FC Barcelona. Since, the míster alone has added a failure after another in the maximum continental competition so much with the Bayern of Munich as with the ones of Manchester. Europe was him resisting up to now and is therefore by what this triumph dabe so well.

Besides, the City happened to the final showing that it can dominate the meetings even without having the ball, something that already had done before, but that had not achieved to reflect in Champions. This time yes attained it and won by 2-0 to a PSG that had more the balloon (55,8 % of possession), but that grieve generated danger in the goal of Ederson. Defensivamente, the 'cityzens' were soberbios and achieved desactivar to the Parisian forward.

With Ruben Dias, Guardiola has found this defender that carried so much time looking for. The Portuguese has finished him to give solidity to the centre of the defence of the British and has turned into the leader of the saga. He, Kyle Walker and John Stones amargaron the night to Neymar Jr, converted to Mauro Icardi in the at all and did useless the attempts of Gave María, that on finish expelled.

Guardiola Is the best of the world in the his

In definite, Pep arrived to his first final with the City and to the first in ten years for him showing that it can defend of exceptional form without shutting backwards. His players were very up to look for to the French and achieved to mark his two goals to the against after recovering the balloon. A triumph of merit that shows by enésima time that Guardiola is the best trainer of the world even without having won any League of Champions from the 2011.

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