Guardiola, the teacher that will look for new methods to go back to dictate chair

Published:30/05/2021 - 09:17h

Updated:30/05/2021 - 09:17h

Guardiola Was cabizbajo after the defeat in front of Chelsea, that from the arrival of the German has been criptonyta for the Spanish

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Guardiola Arrived again to a final of Champions, the chimaera that has been him elusive since it went out of the Barcelona leaving backwards to the best of the world, Messi, the best team seen in the history culé, sextete, and a case of nostalgia and without flavour in all the institution, that in spite of the wear with Mourinho, wanted to Pep in the team.

Chelsea was the rival that welcomed him the big continental final. A team that since it hired to Tuchel has not lost in front of Pep, that almost does not receive goals and that it was able of desarticular to the Athletic and Real Madrid, as well as mark a traced back epic in the Premier with Mount, Pulisic, Werner and Havertz doing cost his youth and talent.

The exhibitions of Kanté in the last weeks left the clear message for Guardiola: it is necessary to attack. If you entertain to the French defending, little will be able to displace. Sure it thought this when it decided to leave to Fernandinho and Rodri in the banking, looking for that Gundogan and Of Bruyne did mixed works, concentrated in the attack.

Foden And Bernardo Silva appeared like attackers of weight beside Sterling, to play without 9 clear and three skillful players in constant movement in offensive zone, looking for vulnerar this rare defence of three that forms Chelsea with Tuchel, simulating five defenders by moments, but with a lot of order.

It did not go like this. At all it went out as it wanted to and such as it said in the back mixed zone, his team was very static in the first time. It did not want to remove him merit to Chelsea but when seeming neither gave him the one who had to, because it does not treat of fault of mobility by part of his players, but of a surgical operation of his rival.

These conversations with napkins, some drink and the tiredness of the day of weekend in Germany no only served to forge a big sportive friendship, Tuchel, without knowing, spied to Guardiola. No to copy it, but to destroy it, in the good sense of the word, because the German has known desarticular each movement of the Spanish.

From his last year in the Barcelona the things have been equal. In 2010 already Mourinho warned that it was vulnerable with his Inter planted in a counterattack of vertigo and effectiveness, Milito was flying by then and Sneijder was an ode to the football in each movement. It went to Madrid to confirm his theory.

It cost him a lot, but of to little it did it. That Real Madrid fell in semis of Champions including one in front of the Barcelona but did not treat of this, the Portuguese gave tangible elements to the theory of the chaos that derrumbaba the Big Bang creacionista left by Pep in the Barcelona.

It went to Germany, to rest a bit of the speed by the bands of Mourinho and improve his idea. It go that it attained it with Robben and Ribery, in addition to a Lewandowski that ran over any rival in days like the one of the five goals in less than 15 minutes. Pep carried the hands in command by the done.

But the destination was bitter and again the Real Madrid desmoronó that machine, although this time the hit arrived in Champions. The glass has been elusive to the technician since it marvelled to the world descosiendo to the Manchester United with Messi touching the clouds thanks to his spectacular tactical work.

The way in the Premier began run over when it filtered his signing in the middle of the last season with the Bayern. It left samples of his annoyance in press conference and finally, sacked with all livestock, a new system imposed, ideas improved and evolved, but without Champions.

The Manchester City was catharsis when it appeared. Maybe the last stop of way to the Nirvana futbolístico of a genius that is able to call to the 3 of the morning to speak of tactics, give him indications to an empty place to his side or bother when it goes winning 7-0 possibly, because an error is not appropriate.

But this season, when the possible better football of the Manchester City had appeared, everything was smart to celebrate a new Champions of Guardiola, the return of the genius to the maximum glory in Europe to level of clubs. But it could not and Pep saw won, conmovido, touched by this defeat. Such as in his last year in Barcelona, resembled his last year in Munich.

Mahrez Also was in the meeting, maybe some forgot it, but played the complete party like extreme of a mediapunta false that it was Of Bruyne, with Sterling in the another corner. Behind Bernardo Silva and Foden simulated the promise of the good game, of the passes that break lines, with Gundogan attentive to any blue attack.

Walker, Stones, Dias and Zinchenko took the defensive baton, with Ederson of sniper to his backs, attentive to any advanced enemy. But it did not suffice, although in justice of the citizens costs to clear that there was not a siege of Chelsea, that yes approached and well but Werner left the peephole in London. Already they bothered him the vuvuzelas and this stopped the signing to the Real Madrid in his moment. The presence of the public maybe it incomodó.

Seen from the habit, could say that Pep betrayed to Guardiola. The constant to invent, created the invention of not to do it. It sounds so complicated like descifrar the brain of this genius, but like this was. The Cancel of side and inner that enamoraba in England, did not play, as neither Ferran inatrapable that inflated of goals and good performances lately. Fernandinho And Rodri, those that seemed rocky but left symphony in each coverage, did not play.

lesionó Of Bruyne, but so odd was all, so little predictable, so simple that anybody expected it to him, that even the exit of the Belgian allowed to improve to the Manchester City, that went out without 9 in the field and finished with Gabriel Jesús and Agüero playing together.

Guardiola Was so simple "" that is extremely difficult to understand what happened. Four defenders that simply occupied his places, mediocampistas in his traditional and attacker works in his position recommended. At all new, at all innovative or dominador. Tuchel No expected it to him and although it went out him well, finished in a taking and give me incomprehensible in front of the simplicity of his rival.

Yes, it sees resembled the previous ends, but by the words of Pep, the available offers, the world-wide pandemia and the situation of the Barcelona, is 99.9% safe see it at least a campaign more in the City. Maybe more, maybe neither it go back to the Camp Nou to train, but the 21/22 will begin with Pep in the bench of the Etihad.

Guardiola Lost by first time a final of Champions, the first of the City besides, but leaves a seed in the club and in the English football that serpa very important, that will strengthen to one of the best generations of the English football in the history and that the next season, surely will see stronger. The football gives revancha, this is safe.

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