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Heist? The headlines of the Barça-PSG champions in the national and international press

Published:17/04/2024 - 03:12h

Updated:17/04/2024 - 04:00h

Barça's 'KO' of PSG has left many goals and a few controversial plays that have favored the Parisian team. In the Spanish media, there is criticism of the referee for some of these actions, although in the rest of Europe they do not follow this line

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The bitter defeat of the FC Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain is giving a lot of of what speak. In spite of the goleada Parisian (1-4), has been a very controversial party that was marked by the as little doubtful expulsion of Ronald Araújo around the half hour of meeting. With 1-0 in the marker, the culés remained with ten to fault of an hour of meeting and at the end this resulted decisive for the future of the crash.

The PSG empató with a goal of Dembélé the duel before the rest, Vitinha marked the 1-2 to the little of the beginning of the second half and, for satisfy, the 1-3 arrived shortly after with a penalti of Joao Cancel that it did not seem so clear as they saw it referee and VAR. Mbappé Transformed the maximum penalty and put to the Parisians in semifinals. The blaugrana tried it to the end, showing a lot of character, but did not attain to mark and at the end, in one against, the 'Turtle' annotated the definite 1-4.

But in spite of the goleada, the turn has remained marked by the mentioned controversial, with the already commented doubtful expulsion to Araújo, the penalti of Cancel and a maximum penalty to Gündogan that Istvan Kovacs did not see and the VAR neither wanted to detect. In the Spanish means is speaking a lot of these played that clearly they have prejudiced to the FC Barcelona, although in the extrangero, in Italy, England, Germany or of course, France, anybody has seen a big controversial and of all the played stands out especially the red to Ronald, and all coincide in that the action of Cancel on Dembélé was clear.

Sportive means Spaniards

  • 'ACE': "Mbappé finishes to a Barça with ten", went the cover of the Madrilenian newspaper. On the controversy, the same that the rest of Spanish means, did an analysis on the controversies of the duel and, in this case, Iturralde González, ex referee, ensured that for him the one of Araújo "was not neither fault", but that to the pitarla the red was the only exit. It is a played where Araújo puts him the hand above the shoulder to the Parisian forward in the dispute of the balloon, and this leaves fall. For me, there is not fault any. This yes. If the referee has seen fault and the pita, the red is unquestionable", commented the Basque.
  • 'MARK': "A red finish with the dream of the Barça", went the headline stood out in the newspaper of the capital. Pavel Fernández, referee's expert of the half, coincided with Iturralde to the not seeing just the expulsion of the charrúa. "If Kovacs pita the fault has to expel it, is the last man. The doubt is, was lacking? The Uruguayan only puts him the arm in the shoulder, that is the reason of the demolish? For me no", it argued.
  • 'SPORT': "The PSG, the referee and the own errors wake up to the Barça of the European dream". A headline like this costs more than one thousand words and in the newspaper 'SPORT' left very clear that the FC Barcelona went clearly prejudiced by the referee tanton with the action of Ronald as with the penalti no pitado to Gündogan. "A Barça very conditioned by the rigorous expulsion of Araujo in the minute 29 fell deleted of the Champions League after losing 1-4 with a PSG that benefited so much of the errors of the Barcelona as of the referee, very rigorous to the hour to throw to the central Uruguayan... Vitinha Demolished to Gündogan in the area of the PSG. Neither the referee neither his assistants in the VAR considered that the action was merecedora of infringement. Decision very controversial of István Kovács that, again, went back to decant in favour of the Parisian interests", confirmed.
  • 'Sportive world': "The Barcelona brushes the exploit with one less", titled 'MD', trying be optimistic after the hard defeat. On the controversy, also coincided that the one of Araújo was an expulsion exaggerated, although they cleared that the charrúa precipitated when going with so much impetu. "A loss of Araujo ended in a transition of Barcola. In his reaction, loaded on the French, that fell teatralmente in the edge of the area and attained that the referee Romanian expelled to the bravo central Uruguayan, that although the red was very rigorous measured badly in his load to Barcola", commented. On the other hand, they accused to the referee to do a "arbitration mafioso" by no pitar the penalti of Gündogan. Only it remained the letter of the epic, against the PSG and against an arbitration mafioso that did not want to know at all of a penalti on Gündogan", finalised.

International sportive means

  • 'L'Équipe': "An air of revenge", went the form in which the known half opens his cover. On the red to Ronald, left to fall even that it could have been penalti and no lacking, confirming that it was a played clear. "The party gave then a decisive twist with the logical expulsion of Araujo by an entrance in the area on the unsustainable Barcola. The referee Romanian almost could have conceded a penalti depending on the interpretation of the exact place of the fault...", they wrote.
  • 'RMC': "Seven years afterwards, the PSG traces back in front of the Barça and joins to the Dortmund in semifinals", signalled from his cover. "Paris followed presionando to equalise and in the following action Bradley Barcola surpassed to Ronald Araujo. Trapped in speed, the Uruguayan defender stuck to the attacker of 21 years in the edge of the area. Illicitly for the referee, that took out the logical red card for annihilating an action of goal", cconfirmaron also on the most commented action of the turn.
  • 'Him Parisien': "After an entirely crazy party, the PSG offers his 'traced back'". With this opens the newspaper of the city of Paris, always very tied to the picture capitalino, that on the expulsion of Araújo also leaves clear that there is not controversy in the played. "Araújo Remained hand manually with Bradley Barcola, but arrived late to the balloon when it desequilibró and logically was expelled", commented, confirming also that it was not inside the area. "The greedy Parisians asked a penalti in the process, but the referee abided by an alone maximum penalty", stood out.
  • 'The Gazzetta dello Sport': "Disaster of the Barça: mark, remains with 10, gives a penalti and receives 4. The PSG flies to semifinals", east was the headline of the Italian newspaper. On the red to the defender charrúa, the transalpinos yes saw "rigorous" the decision of the referee. "In the minute 30, Barcola evaded to Araujo, that demolished him in the frontal: free shot but, especially, red rigorous for the Uruguayan defence like last man", affirmed.
  • 'The Reppublica': "The Barcelona remains with ten men, the PSG wins it and raisin to semifinals: 4-1, doublet of Mbappé", went the cover. On the controversial expulsion of Araújo, in the half Italian did not see doubts and ensured that it was unavoidable that did not go to the 'street'. "Barcola Went to the goal and was detained to the limit by Araujo, inevitably expelled by the referee Romanian Kovacs", explained.
  • 'Bild': "Mbappé Is wishing to arrive to Dortmund". In the known periodic germano centre especially in the victory of the Dortmund and in his only news on the Barça-PSG confirm that the expulsion to Araújo marked the meeting. "The crux of the matter is the expulsion of Araújo, that did that the Barça was in numerical inferiority during an hour after Raphina advanced ", detailed.
  • 'Kicker': "The expulsion diverts to the Barcelona: the PSG gives gone back the party and is in semifinals", opened in the another big half German. On the entrance of the central Uruguayan, stood out the importance of the action and did not speak of controversy. "When Barcola loomed again with opening brecha, the player of 21 years was detained by Araujo out of the area of form antireglamentaria. The defence was expelled by this frenazo of emergency, that changed the aesthetics of the party", commented.
  • 'The Sun': "The French giant steps of giant to put end to his drought in the League of Champions with a controversy traced back". In spite of opening with this conclusive headline, leaving clear that there was controversial, in his assessment of the played that marked the meeting, the one of Ronald, not even 'wet'. "The disaster occurred when Araújo received a red direct for demolishing to Bradley Barcola when the velocista encaraba already the goal", explained.
  • 'Telegraph': "The PSG puts end to the hopes of the FC Barcelona in the League of Champions with a sensacional traced back", went the headline for his cover. On the red to the Uruguayan defence, ensured that it was a played clear. "The Uruguayan did the gesture to do cheat with the hand before leaving , but the red card was deserved for doing that Bradley Barcola went to the floor", stood out, for afterwards give him a 'stick' to the Barça by his "excuses" and leave clear that the penalti of Cancel was clear. "The Barcelona will look for excuses, but could not do at all with 10... Afterwards Joao demolished hastily to Dembélé and Mbappé converted quietly the penalti", signalled.
  • 'The Guardian': "Mbappé Sentences the traced back of the PSG and the the Barça implosiona after the red to Araújo", titled in 'The Guardian'. "Barcola Went in only by the left and Araújo was after him, putting a strong hand in the shoulder, sufficient to see fall to the extreme of the PSG. The referee Istvan Kovacs expelled it, although Araújo affirmed that Cubarsí was there to cover and that was shoulder with shoulder", explained on the action of the expulsion of the charrúa.
  • 'Olé': "Mbappé, decisive: two goals and the PSG deleted to the Barcelona in Spain", went the headline of the known half sportive of Argentina. On the red to Ronald, neither saw a 'theft' by the decision of the referee, the same that almost all the international means. "The same, the key point of this turn -and of the hand manually- was the expulsion of the Uruguayan Ronald Araújo for cutting a self-evident action of goal being last man: the castle began to derrumbarse...", they ensured.

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