The UEFA Champions League 2015-16 is at stake


Who is the big favourite for the final of the Champions?

Published:27/05/2016 - 09:26h

Updated:28/05/2016 - 19:51h

Real Madrid and Athletic already are fully mentalizados of face to the vibrant final of UEFA Champions League 2015-16 of this Saturday in Saint Siro. Both teams will sign in Milan a battle by not to remain in white this season

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To fault of few hours for the dispute of the last official party of the season 2015-16, Real Madrid and Athletic watch arms and prepare mentally for the second big battle of height in three seasons. They know that, prpers having arrived to the peak of the European football, will go back to be in the retina of all the fans with a clear premise: go back with the shield… Or on him.

But, who is the favourite to win the final of Milan? The Athletic of the "Cholo" Simeone has a spine nailed from Lisbon and a debt that saldar with all the colchoneros, whereas the Real Madrid, expert in the big split –although no during the 21st century– is the preferred by the press and the understood. In the football, however, the theories do not serve, and but they say it to him to FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, deleted by an Athletic theoretically inferior but that, to base of tesón, sacrifice and autoconfianza plans to avenge of his eternal rival to skew a new defeat that would open a very difficult wound to close in the next years.

"The football owes him a Champions to the Athletic", ensured the legendary goalkeeper of the Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon, in press conference. It does not be missing him reason, and possibly the wish of all the barcelonistas was to see to Gabi Fernández raising the "Orejona" instead of to Cristiano Ronaldo marking abdominal, but the victorious will have to win the glory on the lawn of Milan, as they did the gladiators in the coliseos of the ancient Rome.

Precisely Cristiano seems that it will be present in the final of the Champions –although no to the one hundred by one hundred–, and this favours that big part of the bets follow falling of the side of the Real Madrid. And it is that, to day of today, the prognoses on who will finish resulting victorious are more thrilling that never, with an Athletic that it can do win a lot of money to some apostantes. One of the more original and exciting forms to bet in the final of the Champions, without place to doubts, is the one who proposes "Carcaj".

It treats of a platform of bets crossed, in which they are the own users those who decide the quotas and play between them –and no against the house of bets– the total, betting in favour or against that something occur. Of this way the user can win all what was able, whereas "Carcaj" carries so only 5% of the winning bet.

A fun form, by discounted, to witness a final of the Champions League that promises to be what less entertained. Along the season, the prognoses on which titles would attain to heave Real Madrid and Athletic have gone varying with the step of the time. The FC Barcelona has already the "doublet" of League and Glass of Rey, whereas Athletic and Real Madrid will have to leave the skin –and something more– to convert a mediocre campaign in historical… And, in passing, leave to the eternal rival in white. They are missing few hours so that the balloon throw to film. In a final of Champions there is not favourite.

"Councils: it Plays responsibly. The game has to understand like a hobby, no a form to make money. Never you use money that need or to recover debts. Ensure you that you understand the quotas and the probabilities before playing".

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