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ALARM: Barça is one of the clubs most affected by the pandemic

Published:22/12/2020 - 13:12h

Updated:22/12/2020 - 16:54h

The economist Jose María Gay of Liébana spoke on the precarious economic situation of the FC Barcelona and affirmed that the club needs a plan of feasibility

Calendar of FC Barcelona

José María Gay of Liébana, president of the commission of economy and finances of the sport of the School of Economists of Catalonia (CEC), spoke on the precarious economic situation of the FC Barcelona in a telematic conference. The prestigious economist ensured this Monday that the Barcelona is one of the most affected clubs economically by the pandemia of the Covid-19.

About this, José María Gay of Liébana explained that there has been a strong descent of the income of exploitation by television rights, marketing and income of the day of party with a decrease of 145,5 million euros. Some quantities that put in risk the economy of the FC Barcelona and that require a plan of feasibility to minimise consequences in the next years.

On possible actions to take in the FC Barcelona, José María Gay of Liébana considers that the Barcelona club "would have to brake any project investor" like the one of the 'Espai Barça' with the remodeling of the Camp Nou. A project that the Catalan entity carries from does time and whose continuity will have to be decided by the candidate that win the elections to the presidency of the next 24 January.

José María Gay of Liébana ensured that the FC Barcelona, besides, "also would have to give off of active no strategic, reduce the costs of personnel and impose an idea of basic budget zero waiting for arrive the period post pandemia". Like example, put the Manchester United, because "it has known to recess the costs", unlike it sucedido in clubs of LaLiga "partly by the power of the players to the hour to negotiate".

The prestigious economist ensured that, because of "the big falls in the results of exploitation", the clubs of football "will have to readjust also by the loss of appeals by part of the fans". Besides, it added that "the European league that better has held the impact of the pandemia has been the Bundesliga German", according to the data of the consulting Deloitte.

The FC Barcelona, forced to sell players

Traspasar Players goes to be another of the necessary actions of face to the feasibility of the FC Barcelona. The mass salarial of the staff has reduced and footballers with a wage high no in accordance with his weight in the staff -as, for example, in the case of Philippe Coutinho- could go out with the aim to contribute liquidity and reduce costs. In January could give operations with these premises.


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