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BOMBA: Rousaud speaks about Neymar and his words about Messi!

Published:4/12/2020 - 09:51h

Updated:4/12/2020 - 09:52h

Emili Rousaud, ex director of the FC Barcelona and precandidato to the next elections, spoke on his plans with Neymar after his words on Leo Messi

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This Wednesday, Neymar copó all the covers and no precisely by his two goals in Old Trafford against the Manchester United, but for leaving fall that next year it is very likely that go back to play beside Leo Messi. Something that did not interpret like a wink of the Brazilian to the FC Barcelona -that can not allow his signing- but like an invitation to the Argentinian so that fiche by Paris Saint-Germain.

Curiously, Emili Rousaud, ex director of the FC Barcelona in the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu and precandidato to the elections of the next 24 January, had the signing of Neymar like one of his electoral catchwords, with the aim to dress to the Brazilian again of Barcelona when it finish agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, from June of 2022. This Friday, went through the microphones of Radius Marks.

Emili Rousaud Wanted to leave clear that has spoken with the surroundings of Neymar and that the Brazilian wants to go back. "The project would complement with the signing of two players franchise. It has spoken with the surroundings of Neymar and exists tuning by part of Neymar to be able to return. But there are two conditions. The Barcelona can not face the signing so these players would come to the ending of his agreement. In the case of Neymar, would have to withdraw the demands against the club", explained.

"It has spoken with the surroundings of Neymar and would come when it finish his agreement"

The precandidato for the next elections matizó his explanations. "The economic situation would not allow us do a signing. There is renegotiate a series of costs and the game is the mass salarial of the players. It does not have felt to ask to a player that do sacrifices and afterwards do signings. It is necessary to have coherence. When I speak of players franchise no only are talentosos, but I speak of players that generate income through sponsors, because it sells T-shirts... This is very important", said.

In this sense, left clear that the idea is not that Leo Messi and Neymar joint in the PSG, but they do it in the FC Barcelona. For this, before is necessary to renew to the Argentinian star in a moment very complicated economically. "The first that it is necessary to do is to reestablish the balance patrimonial and cultural of the club. It is necessary to take decisions. One is to negotiate with Leo Messi. I want him inside, but in this moment the cost salarial of the player is inasumible", explained.

Emili Rousaud Considers, therefore, that the argument to renew to Leo Messi has to be the sportive project. "The anger of Leo this summer yes that it is an anger motivated by the fault of a sportive project because Leo Messi is a born winner. It prioritises the sportive appearance to the economic, but the economic is a very notable appearance. In this moment if had the honour to chair to the club it will be necessary to seat with Leo Messi and arrive to an agreement", signalled.

Quarry and signings

Emili Rousaud Spoke about his sportive project, in which it includes a name like the one of Josep María Minguella. "I think that go to win because the sportive project is very been used to. It accompanies me Josep María Minguella and the idea that have to one of the best, by not saying the best, technical secretary of the world, accredited curricularmente", commented.

The idea of the precandidato is to improve the quarry with young​ signings, whose talent was detected before his consecration to save millionaire signings. "Our sportive idea is regenerating The Farm, putting the bases that had when it generated us that talent with Iniesta, Puyol, Hammered... And that the sportive secretary help us to identify to these players that have a special talent before eclosione, like Lautaro that played in the Racing of Avellaneda", sentenced.

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