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Cardoner explains Barça's measures against the coronavirus

Published:30/03/2020 - 19:27h

Updated:30/03/2020 - 19:29h

Jordi Cardoner, first vice-president of the FC Barcelona, explained the actions that are carrying out during the crisis by the coronavirus

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The coronavirus has generated an important problematic sanitary in multiple countries of the world, as well as a tremendo economic impact of the that the world of the sport, with the competitions detained, has not been able to escape. Jordi Cardoner, first vice-president of the FC Barcelona, explained the actions that are carrying out in the Barcelona club during the crisis by the pandemia.

It did it by means of an open letter in which it answered to the question "What has done the Barça?". "How many Catalans finish the weekend and, between other questions, ask us: 'What has done the Barça?' Obviously, when we do us this question, speak of football, of the result of the party of the day, of if we have won or no. These days there is not football. There is, however, a big final, possibly the one who never had wanted to play. A party to life or death against the most cruel of the rivals, an up to now unknown rival: the coronavirus", initiated the director culé.

It indicated the important that is being the confinement of the population. "To win this party have to follow, point by point, the indications and requests that arrive us of the sanitary authorities: have to remain us home, protect us, and protect to the most vulnerable people of the attack indiscriminado of the damned virus. But also, from house, can reinforce us and add in the fight against this enemy", puntualizó, before answering to the initial question.

In the first place, it commented that they resolve queries: "These days, for example, no only are contributing to concienciar to all of the importance to remain home to detain the contagion of the illness, but from the Office of Attention to the Barcelonista (OAB) are attending thousands of queries related with the coronavirus. In fact, since it began this crisis, the number of telephone and telematic queries received has bent , but the most notable is that 67% have to see with this pandemia. Detain us here".

"Why? As because I dare to affirm, from the ignorance, that there is not another club in the world where this was happening. The DNA Barça that many of us share does that in situations of desprotección, of anxiety, or even of fear, head to our club to find answers or, simply, the heat that many need in moments like which are live. It is extraordinary!", it continued.

Also it stood out the helps to the most vulnerable communities: "But no only this: in the frame of what is happening us, from the responsibility that has trusted us the partner, have put us to work to add to the actions of the administration our initiative headed to our social community and, by extension, to the most vulnerable communities, the boys and the elderly".

Besides, it explained that there is follow-up to the greater partners. "From the Social Area and the Foundation want to follow accompanying to our people. Be near of the partners wants to say, between other a lot of things, accompany them in difficult moments. Thus, the OAB, that follows operative from the first day, will direct telefónicamente to all the partners and greater partners of 80 years -more than 8.000- and will ask them how find and if they need something. The aim is to put us in contact with them each fifteen days and do the follow-up of the requests, many of which will be simply informative, as well as head to them the timely services", added.

About the Foundation, also detailed the measures taken. "Our Foundation, present in 85 places of Catalonia and in 59 countries of the world, with 1.630.000 beneficiarios, becomes the branch of expression solidaria and of corporate social responsibility of the Club, by what will develop a series of actions that identify with his social object. Step to detail some of these actions", wrote, before enumerating them.

The first action were the "contacts with the global and regional sponsors of the Club to do donations of material and sanitary equipments. The first remittance of 30.000 masks given by Taping, one of our sponsors in China, already has arrived to Catalonia, and will allocate to residences of the third age". The second, the "maintenance of the programs and research of new supports for the most vulnerable communities with which usually works the Foundation Barça".

Still it detailed a third: "Launching of a campaign of sensitisation and awareness, reinforcing the message of "#quedateencasa", in collaboration with the Hospital of Sant Joan of Déu, that will spread through Barça TV, of the social networks and the channels of communication of the Club, that will have like protagonists to the boys and girls that, because of his illness, does time that are ingresados in the centre. Of the hand of prescriptores and prescriptoras of diverse fields, will explain his experience and will invite to all to remain home".

Collaboration of the Barça

Cardoner Announced also the cession of the installations of the club. "The Barça has put his installations to disposal of the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia; it has put to the service of the authorities through the World-wide Confederation of Crags, the federations of crags, and the same crags, to take advantage of his presence in the territory to help to the entities in the local field, so much in the appearance of personal help, as of put to disposal of resources and installations", affirmed.

It ensured also collaboration in nutrition and investigation. "Likewise, the same Confederation has initiated a collaboration with the Bank of the Foods, and by means of the Barça Innovation Hub the Club has put to disposal of the centres of investigation like the Clinical Hospital, the Hospital Trias i Pujol, or the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, to offer our collaboration and coordination in the actions of investigation related with the impact of the coronavirus in the practice of the sport", wrote.

Finally, it remembered the will of the FC Barcelona to accompany to his people. "All this is doing the Barça. Because of this way follows faithful to his reason to be; accompanying to his people in the more intimate and delicate moments; being present in his day in day out, with or without competition; and being at the side of the most vulnerable. And leaving clear, once again that, without going in in the debate of if we are or no the best club of the world, the fact is that we are different; because, in definite, this is the best way to show, from the facts that, sure enough, are Més that a club".

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