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Tebas requests the resignation of Joan Laporta if the 'Negreira case' is not clarified

Published:20/02/2023 - 22:42h

Updated:20/02/2023 - 22:42h

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has spoken again about the 'Negreira case' and his relationship with FC Barcelona, amid the investigations by the Prosecutor's Office. He asked Joan Laporta and company to "clarify" this situation

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With reason of the disclosure of the new limits salariales of the teams of First and Second of Spain, Javier Thebes has appeared in front of the media and has spoken on the relation of the ex vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, Enríquez Negreira, and the FC Barcelona in the middle of the investigation of the Fiscalía by the payments of the Barcelona club of, in principle, 1,4 million euros in total, between 2016 and 2018, although it has desvelado that the relation (and payments) kept by two decades and in several presidential periods.

It has been a case that has revolutionised, completely, to the Spanish football, especially after 'The World' aimed that the Barça did not have any agreement with Negreira although, in his first communiqué, the club did reference to that had hired "the services of a consultor technical external". The informations and indications caused that the club began an exhaustive investigation and, also, that teams like the Seville and Espanyol issued communiqués asking answers and, especially, solutions.

In the middle of the rain of informations, the president of LaLiga has spoken on the case and went back to explain that the patronal is not in authority to take part, because it is prescribed and would be illegal, but that have done to arrive a writing to the Fiscalía with data that could help to the investigation. Likewise, it sent a message to Joan Laporta and his cúpula urging them to explain the real reason behind the payments to Negreira during several years.

"There is a deep worry in the majority of the clubs, even in the Barcelona, by the Case Negreira, by the amount of the bills and the antiquity"

Thebes does not have 'saved' absolutely at all. It has explained that "it has treated the subject. There is a deep worry in the majority of the clubs, even in the Barcelona, by the Case Negreira, by the amount of the bills and the antiquity. There is a deep worry by the damage that is doing to the Spanish football. I have explained what goes to do the league, between other things a writing to the Fiscalía with some data that can help to the investigation of the Fiscalía".

It insisted in that "if there had not been sportive prescription would have opened file definitely. Even the diligences. First help to the Fiscalía and second if the Fiscalía considered that there is not cause, we think that there is sufficient so that it interpose a querella to follow investigating".

The president of LaLiga, likewise, deepened in that "it would be missing what is doing the Barcelona. With what know has to follow investigating. This said it in Barcelona the other day and go back it to repeat. It is what there are the clubs have debated and is what want. The of the notes see it but cosmetic. I am tired of notes. The indications carry us to that it is necessary to investigate".

Resignation of Laporta, debate in LaLiga...

Thebes has been questioned, on the other hand, on if Joan Laporta, current president of the Barça, would have to resign by the 'case Negreira': "If it does not explain very why it hit , I think so. It has not given a reasonable explanation of these payments. In the note that took out the Barcelona seemed that this did it all the clubs of football".

"If it does not explain very why it hit , I think so would have to resign Laporta. It has not given a reasonable explanation of these payments"

It has stood out that "a thing is that have exárbitros and another that have exárbitros that are in the Technical Committee of Referees. It is a subject that would like me that it cleared . The time that has occurred this, are not three seasons, are a lot of seasons", doing upsetting in that they are "a lot of directives, that did not speak ones with others, does not like me at all".

Besides, it has 'wetted' on the meeting of clubs in which the Athletic of Madrid asked to take out a communiqué between all the teams of the competition: "What has happened exactly is that the Athletic wanted to take out a communiqué, and afterwards the Barcelona has expressed his worry... The one who has put sideways is because it had to ask further up and could not decide", signalled.

The costarricense insisted in that "we go to treat equal and go it to pose the same. There is a very clear subject, I do not go me to hide behind the clubs in this subject. We have established from LaLiga a very clear strategy to pursue the sportive corruption. The of the communiqué, one that had to ask permission and another that is in a situation complicated and better that avenges the president and say how has been the debate. Yes there is some unrest because it have said that all the clubs did this practice".

Intervention of the UEFA and FIFA?

Finally, Thebes has been questioned on if the Barça has to be reported in front of the UEFA or FIFA by the 'case Negreira'. "If we think that UEFA and FIFA have to go in to this, will issue the corresponding complaint. I carry it saying from the second day. It wanted to more data and more circumstances".

"If here it has prescribed, we will go to the places where has not prescribed. They result me grave and difficult to understand"

It finalised saying that, from LaLiga, "do not expect that the people go in of job. Especially in these subjects that there are indications of corruption. Always we have been active. We have reported to the City, to the Juventus, to the PSG... It is evident that something will have to do. If here it has prescribed, we will go to the places where has not prescribed. They result me grave and difficult to understand".

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