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Laporta's tremendous discussion with Tusquets for the signing of Eric García

Published:28/01/2021 - 10:00h

Updated:28/01/2021 - 13:26h

Joan Laporta and Carles Tusquets had a tremendous discussion through letters for various issues, but especially for Eric García. The candidate for the elections criticized and threatened the Manager for having shown in favor of signing the central

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Joan Laporta, presidential candidate of the FC Barcelona, and Carles Tusquets, president of the Managing Commission that directs the club from the exit of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his Board, kept a taut discussion by means of letters, as it explains 'Sportive World'. The instigator of this 'bronca', in this case, was Laporta, that sent a writing to Tusquets criticising the work of the Agent and demanding that it abstain to do some functions.

The ex president of the Barça criticised the fact that the Commission delayed the elections, although it was the possible signing of Eric García what more seem to have him bothered. Without speaking directly of him, the candidate left clear that has not liked him that it try fichar to the central. "I ask that it abstain to effect acts of economic disposal that comport an increase of the debt and/or costs of the club and more specifically of the cost in sportive payrolls making any operation on players that force to the club, in the present or in a near future, as well as the improvement or renewal of agreements of any type, since all these performances correspond to the managerial board that result winning of the electoral process", commented.

In this sense, the lawyer and employer loomed to the Agent in case that it put in subjects that, under his point of view, no him pertocan. "Any act of the Managing Commission has to go headed to guarantee the ending of the present electoral procedure to the greater possible shortness and, of not being like this, his performance will be susceptible to cause grave damages so much to the FC Barcelona as to the current candidates proclaimed and evidenciaría a performance negligente, obstruccionista and dolosa and against of the interests of the club, being manager in scoop of the same the Managing Commission, to the one who would do direct and solidariamente responsible of the economic results of the FC Barcelona during this period, jointly with the one who correspond", affirmed.

The answer of Tusquets in front of these conclusive words did not do expect and the president of the Board left very clear that did not like him the tone of threat that gave off the letter of Laporta. "It was not precise neither necessary do us any request and much less pose any threat by the simple reason that the Agent that chair has very clear his obligations, functions and attributions. Therefore, it emplazo to that from this moment abstain to require or loom to this Managing Commission in the research of decisions that you consider that they can suit him under the appearance to be necessary for the club", answered.

The responsible maximum of the Agent followed his firm speech in reply to the candidate and began to speak of Eric García, in spite of not saying his name. "With regard to the threat posed relative to the faculties of the Managing Commission for the realisation of determinate operations like the ones of the contracting of determinate players to be incorporated the next 1 July without cost of traspaso for the club, want to move him that it do not fall in the error to think that his threats of legal actions have been successful", answered.

Very hard answer of Tusquets to Laporta

Tusquets Continued his answer remembering that the Board can do much more of what Laporta says. "The main function, that no only of the Managing is the announcement of elections, but also has to exert the functions of government, administration and representation that compete to the managerial board, sure enough limited to the necessary and indispensable acts for the maintenance of the normal activities of the club and the protection of his interests", wrote.

In this sense, the president of the Commission left clear that depended on they decide how proceed regarding Eric and his arrival. "In sight of this drafted, is evident that corresponds to the Managing value if the agreement that it is necessary to adopt is necessary (the contracting of this player seems that it was it, on the base of the technical reports that have received) and indispensable (condition that seems that also it gives when being in the period in that it already can sign agreement with the Barça and before being able to sign with another club that –states us- has been able to him do an offer)", confirmed.

Besides, Tusquets cleared that if it has not gone to more with the defender of the City has been by respect to the candidates and no by the threats of the lawyer and ex president. "I have to reiterate him that if the Managing Commission has not proceeded to the subscripción of the quoted agreement, in no case will have been owing to his unfair and inconsiderate threats, but rather owing to a sample of responsibility and elegance to allow –expect that it keep on being possible- that it was the elect president of the club the one who adopt in his moment the decision that consider more adapted on this", aimed.

Finally, the responsible maximum of the Agent recognised that he considers that the best would be fichar to Eric what before, as they think Víctor Font and Toni Freixa, the others candidates. "Although the one who this subscribes considers that, thinking strictly in the interests of the club, sign to this player would have been the most suitable, such as they moved me the others two presidential candidates, the gentlemen Victor Font and Toni Freixa, those who manifested publicly in this sense, posture this, the one to place in front the interests of the FC Barcelona to his electoral interests individuals (but legitimate after all), to which him convido to add ", concluded, commanding him a 'dart' more to Laporta, that still has not answered.

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