Lamine Yamal, Cristiano Ronaldo y Robert Lewandowski en la Eurocopa 2024


Lamine Yamal, Cristiano, Lewandowski… All the 'broken' records in Euro 2024

Published:19/06/2024 - 09:41h

Updated:27/06/2024 - 04:42h

The Eurocopa has gone adding a quantity and variety of records very interesting during the development of the continental tournament. Varied of them have had to players of the Barça as leading

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The Eurocopa 2024 initiated the past Friday 14 June and almost immediately began to chain new records inside the competition. Varied have had to as protagonists to big names of the history of the football, others to several of the greater promises that exists right now and some that have achieved authentic surprises, as the one of the fastest goal of a Eurocopa.

Nedim Bajrami - Goal faster

The list initiates with one of the less known owners of a record in this Eurocopa. The footballer of Albania remained with the fastest goal in the history of the tournament when marking the first goal of the duel in front of Italy when only they had passed 23 seconds, surpassing in little more than 40 seconds to Dmitri Kirichenko, the one who had achieved it in 2004 to the 67 seconds of party.

Lamine Yamal - Debutante and assistant younger

As it was to expect , the forward of the FC Barcelona began his way in the Euro with several records, the first of them in the instant that began the Spain-Croatia when turning into the youngest player in contesting a meeting with 16 years and 338 days, surpassing by almost a year the previous register and adding besides the one of the youngest assistant of the history of the tournament. Lamine Left a big centre for Dani Carvajal and achieved his first pass of goal to fix also a record in this section to his precocious age.

Burn Güler - Goleador younger

In the closing of the first day, Burn Güler inscribed his name in the history of the Eurocopa after his big golazo in front of Georgia. The forward of the Real Madrid turned into the goleador younger in the competition to his 19 years and 114 days, surpassing by 14 days the record that had Cristiano Ronaldo.

Andreas Christensen - perfect Effectiveness in passes

In a line a put different, the Danish defender achieved to be the first defence that completes a party with 100% of effectiveness in his passes. The central of the Barça completed the 89 passes that tried, attaining a milestone that no sucedía from the Euro of 1980 if we take into account to the defences that have trying at least 76 passes in same party.

Pepe - Player more longevous in contesting a Euro

With 41 years and 113 days, Pepe remained in the Portugal-Czech Republic with the honour to be the player with more age in playing a duel of final phase of Eurocopa. The central luso imposed to the Hungarian Gabor Kiraly, the one who had done it in 2016 with 40 years and 86 days.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Record of more Eurocopa contested

Like sucedió with Pepe or Lamine, Cristiano heaved with his record from the second initial of his première in this Euro. The forward, to the that if I do does not be missing him are registers in his career, turned into the first footballer in contesting six Eurocopa distinct. Besides, with his assistance to Bruno Fernándes in front of Turkey, turned into the more veteran in giving a pass of goal (39 years and 138 days) and the footballer that more assistances has given in the history of the tournament, with 8.

Luka Modric - Goleador More veteran

In the tie between Croatia and Italy of the last day of the phase of groups, Luka Modric turned into the most longevous player in annotating a goal in the history of the Eurocopa, with 38 years and 289 days. Cristiano Ronaldo (39) would surpass him in case to see goal in this edition of the tournament.

Robert Lewandowski - Goals in four Eurocopas consecutive

Robert Lewandowski, unfortunately for him, could not avoid the disaster of the selection of Poland in this Eurocopa 2024. However, it has had the opportunity to ensure a place in the books of history of this competition. With his target in front of France, the one of Warsaw turned into one of the few players that can boast to having annotated in four Eurocopas consecutive: in 2012 (1), 2016 (1), 2020 (3) and 2024 (1). This mark plants it like the only perseguidor near of Cristiano Ronaldo, the one who has the absolute record when marking with Portugal in the Eurocopas of 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Record for the Eurocopa 2024

Another record has been the one who attained the own edition 2024 when beating the one of more goals in the first day of the tournament, that previously, belonged him to the Eurocopa 2000 celebrated in Low Countries and Belgium. In that opportunity marked 24 so many, however, in the Euro 2024 attained to mark 34 goals, taking into account of course that now they exist 4 parties more by day with regard to the tournament that organised 24 years ago.

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