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Ariedo Braida: "The club told me that Haaland did not have the Barça profile"

Published:27/10/2020 - 12:07h

Updated:27/10/2020 - 13:58h

Ariedo Braida, exasesor of the FC Barcelona, commented the actuality of the group barcelonista and destapaba some realities of the management and the sportive project

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The exasesor of international football of the FC Barcelona, Ariedo Braida, has conceded, to the microphones of 'Irradiate Mark', an interview, few days before the Catalan team confront to the Juventus of Turín, in the second day of the Champions League. In his statements, has reviewed the actuality of the club and his experience like adviser of the entity.

"I was to the Barça because they asked it to me. I have worked a lot of years in a grandísimo alike club to the Barça as it is the Milan, am very professional and always try to do a good work, but this no valued it to me in Barcelona", commented, doing reference to that the task to manage the signings finish falling in hands of other directors, that prevented his work.

The exfutbolista Italian also commented, without giving too many details, which was his current situation with the club, with the one who has a pending trial: "At the beginning they did not value me, at the end they were missing me a bit to the respect. Like this I see it. I do not have doubts on my professionalism and my person. Therefore, with this of the litigio only want the respect that consider that I deserve. At all more."

One of his statements more impactantes was the one who did reference to his relation with Josep María Bartomeu: "You says that I know it, but in reality did not have at all of relation with him. At the beginning it is true that spoke a bit, but later was non-existent. This also was new for me because usually in Milan himself had contact with my upper. I consider that speak once by year is not to have a big relation".

The FC Barcelona did not want to fichar to Haaland; The Liverpool yes

"They did not give me the responsibility, put to others to charge of this work. I was studying players and aimed some names like Haaland, of the Borussia Dortmund, when it still played in the Rosenborg. But in the club said me that no, that did not have the profile Barça", aimed Braida, on what could have been one of the best incorporations.

Also they surprise other names in the list of players proposed by the exasesor blaugrana, as for example, Paul Pogba: "it Is truth that Albert Soler and I were to Milan and gather us with the directive of the Juventus, but in spite of the conversations, there was not a real intention of ficharle. I said that it was a big player, but again, professionally could not work together because no allowed me ."

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