Cruyff Appreciates to Messi the penalti and explains how was born his

Cruyff Appreciates to Messi the penalti and explains how was born his

Published:17/02/2016 - 09:34h


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The myth of the FC Barcelona Johan Cruyff declared publicly that it thrilled when seeing the goal of Luis Suárez after the penalti indirect executed by Leo Messi. The Dutch, that follows struggling, affirmed that there is not any lack of respect and that the football "is to amuse "

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Arsenal - Champions
Ticket - Gone in Arsenal vs FC Barcelona - Champions
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

After all the become after the goleada in front of the Celtic and the news on the penalti indirect of Leo Messi and Luis Suárez, was missing for knowing the direct opinion of the artífice of all this, Johan Cruyff. And "the lean" left clear that thrilled when seeing it by television and appreciated to Messi for daring with these things. Cruyff Put "very happy" and stood out that it loves him see to this FC Barcelona of Luis Enrique.

"The football is to amuse and Messi is to amuse us to all", affirmed a Cruyf that, later, stood out that "I put me very happy" after seeing the launching of the penalti because, as it affirms, "share the ideas with the players that dare to do this type of things". The creator of the penalti in 1982 together with Jesper Olsen affirms that the football is for brave and players that do to amuse to the fans, and that the dribblings, goals and played offensives "can not criticise".

The myth of the barcelonismo that follows with his fight against the cancer of the lung that detected him the past October, wanted also leave clear that this FC Barcelona of Luis Enrique "is a team that loves me" since "I enjoy a lot with the three from above, Iniesta, Busquets and Bravo. It is a bestial team". On the party of the another day, also wanted to elogiar to the Celtic of Berizzo: "A big team, with identity. It kept his philosophy to the end against the Barça in the Camp Nou. It is to applaud. And with 2-1 had options of empatar".

Later it happened to describe how was born his penalti together with Jesper Olsen. "It was born in a training speaking with Jesper Olsen, a left-handed. The left-handed always are had to this type of things. At the beginning it said me that if it was crazy, but afterwards encouraged and said me: Voucher, do it", comments a Cruyff that, when seeming, was not the inventor of this type of penaltis. It went it the Belgian Rik Coppen,in 1957. However, the Dutch leaves clear that did not know this penalti: "it were 10 years old and in my house there was not television... Until I was big did not know what was this device". 

On how they took it to him in his day, Johan leaves clear that the press it elogió from a first moment and never spoke of lack of respect to the rival. Also it explained a fun anecdote with the referee of that party: "The referee, after the penalti, said me: What have done? This is valid? I said him that yes, that the balloon always went by in front, that there was not offside. It gave it by good, clear". "The press of the period elogió the played. It saw it like a genialidad. And like this it has seen since, therefore I do not understand that there is controversial with what saw the past Sunday in the Camp Nou. The football is to amuse , no to go in in wars neither provocations", concluded.

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