Johan Cruyff, a philosopher of the world of the football


DOGMA: 14 sentences to understand the philosophy that implanted Cruyff

Published:24/03/2017 - 13:42h

Updated:25/03/2017 - 13:41h

Johan Cruyff has been one of the big "brains" that have dressed of short and shod the boots, before turning into trainer and conquer even more sportive successes. To continuation review some of his more famous sentences

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The one who went player and trainer of the FC Barcelona, Johan Cruyff, has left us along the last big years sentences for the history on the world of the football, the tactics and reflections about a form to understand this sport that the new generations still are assimilating.

They say that the genii are people advanced to his time, to the thought of the other. Well, to continuation reproduce 14 sentences that show that Johan Cruyff, of the one who this Thursday 24 March sack us, always was -and will keep on being- a visionario. Somebody that understood the football like a philosophy of life; as something more than giving patadas to a balloon.

14 sentences to understand to Johan Cruyff

  • 1. "All the trainers speak on movements, on that it is necessary to run a lot. I say that it is not necessary to run so much. The football is a game to the that plays with the brain. You have to be in the suitable place, in the suitable moment".
  • 2. "The people would have to be able to play in all the positions of the field. Therefore it is so important that all listen during the tactical conversations. The left extreme can not sleep when the trainer speaks on the right side."
  • 3. "The simple game is the loveliest. How many times see a pass of 40 metres when 20 are sufficient? The solution that seems easier is in fact the most difficult".
  • 4. "I am not believer. In Spain, all the 22 players santiguan before going out to the field. If it resulted, always it would be tie".
  • 5. "What is the speed? The sportive press often confuses the speed with the anticipation. It looks, if I put me to run slightly, a bit before that the other, seem faster".
  • 6. "If the rival has two very good forwards, one excellent and another remarkable, the normal would be to match to our best marker with the excellent and my remarkable defence with the remarkable forward. We do not do it like this. The well ours mark at least good of them. A problem less".
  • 7. The football is to amuse , and Leo Messi is to amuse us to all.
  • 8. (To Jorge Valdano) "-You, Which age have? -Eighteen years. -As with eighteen years to Johan Cruyff speaks him of you".
  • 9. "It is disgusting to compare to Messi and to Maradona. The people that saw it to Diego (Maradona) enjoyed. And the one who sees to Leo (Messi) also."
  • 10. "My forwards only have to run fifteen metres, unless they are stupid or are sleeping..."
  • 11. "Before making a mistake me, I do not commit this error".
  • 12. "Play to the football is very simple, but play a simple football is the most difficult thing that there is".
  • 13. "In some way am probably immortal".
  • 14. "All the world knows to play to football if you leave him five metres of space".

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