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Fight, spirit and claw: The differences between female and male Barça

Published:17/05/2021 - 02:11h

Updated:19/05/2021 - 02:32h

After the Barça masculine signed a true ridiculous in LaLiga, the Barcelona arrollaron to Chelsea to win the Champions League

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The masculine and feminine football have differentiated historically by the income, visibility and followers that have both. In the last years, the feminine football has stepped advance and, practically unanchored of the big marks and sponsors, has won a space in the life of the fanatical of the football, men and women. In the FC Barcelona, in concrete, has tried create a reliable project, respectable and winner that already is having the first fruits.

This Sunday, without going further, lace Barcelona players won to Chelsea to proclaim like the winners of the Champions League, turning into the first Spanish team that achieves to put in the books of history of the European championship, led by the Olympique Lyon. At the same time, or some hours before, the Barça remained humiliated in the penultimate day of LaLiga Santander, leaving a worrisome image in the field and giving space to that consider that this team, definitively, does not give for more and it is necessary to begin it of zero.

The image that have left both groups are very distinct and open the analysis that, what is missing him to one, him leftover to the another. It is true that the situation right now, in the world-wide football, is complicated and that the teams are seeing big economic consequences and related to the cansacio supreme of the players, forced to play all the weeks (because neither there are a lot of replacements) and in occasions, until each two or three days, without margin for the rest.

But... How it is possible that a team that is composed of the best players of the world, with astronomical wages, can give so little when it demands him ? At the same time that, by the another side, a group with a very inferior budget, without big stars, are 'washing' the image of the club so that, at least today, the headline was that the Barça is champion of Europe and no that has remained humiliated in front of the Celtic of Vigo.

It can not argue that the culés, in the masculine and feminine team, are very talentosos and that shine in case alone, but this time the women have left them by behind, finishing a magic season headed by Lluís Cortés that closes with brooch of gold when achieving the esteemed Champions League. And this speech of the commitment, motivation and illusion that have because, besides, is not for anybody a secret that his income are much more inferior that to the ones of his mates in the masculine group.

This Barça needs a true revolution

Maybe the solution of the Barça is not just around the corner, neither the next season,p ero has to be in a near future because this project is unsustainable. The players are melted, without illusion and, worse still, forgot that they defend the shield of the most important team of the world, the one of the five Champions, 26 Leagues or 31 Glasses of Rey. Right now, it is necessary a borrón and new account but, if the things follow like this, the next course go us to confront to more than the same. And it is the club the one who loses.

Because, yes, it is true, achieved a Glass of Rey, but this title no resume a season of the Barça that was starred by big ridiculous (in front of the Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain) and by not to have him won to his direct rivals in all the competition, with two defeats in front of the Real Madrid or defeat and tie in front of the Athletic. It is moment of a deep change, determinant and that ocasione the true revolution that the Barcelona need.

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