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A new agreement with Nike is about to to concretise: the best deals in the history of the Barça

Published:30/04/2024 - 01:15h

Updated:30/04/2024 - 01:15h

After several gone and come, seems that the FC Barcelona at last is to a step to close a new agreement with Nike that will report him substantial income

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Along his rich history, the Football Club Barcelona has closed some of the best agreements that have left a footprint imborrable. Now, a new deal with Nike is in the final stages of negotiation. What has carried to the fans of the sport, and the sportive bets in on-line casino in Spain, to think in what will involve this agreement for the future of his favourite team.

Barça and Nike: A promising agreement

The FC Barcelona is about to do history with a new agreement that is in the final stages of negotiation. This negotiation with the world-wide giant of sportive clothes Nike, promise to be one of the most yielding in the history of the club. The exact details still are under key, but the sources indicate that it could eclipsar all the previous agreements in terms of financial value.

The best deals in the history of the Barça

Along his history, the Barça has knitted a network of agreements that cover from the filantropía until the world of the entertainment. Sample of this, are the alliances that has made with several of the most important marks to world-wide level. Between them we will be able to remember to UNICEF, Nike and Qatar Airways. To continuation, explain you a bit of these cases of success.

Agreement of the Barça with Nike

The relation between the Barça and Nike has been durable and fruitful. From 1998, Nike has been the provider of the uniforms of the club. This association has given place to some of the kits more iconic and memorables in the history of the football. Besides, this union has promoted technological innovations in materials and designs, marking tendencies in the world-wide sportive fashion.


In 2006, the Barça included the logo of UNICEF in his T-shirt. It treated of a noble cause, since the club donaba a part of the income to this charitable organisation. In addition to being a success, went a testimony of his commitment with humanitarian causes. The visibility of UNICEF in one of the biggest clubs of the world helped to concienciar on the rights of the boys and the need of global support.

Qatar Airways

In 2013, the Barça signed an agreement with Qatar Airways to sponsor his T-shirt. Although this agreement was controversial because of the presence of the logo of an airline, went a yielding deal that helped to the club to keep his status like one of the richest teams of the world. This sponsorship also opened doors to new commercial opportunities and to a greater exhibition in international markets.

Barça and Nike: A History of Conjoint Success

It is important to stand out that the Barça and Nike are not odd in the table of negotiations. In fact, have a long record of successful agreements that have benefited to both parts. From the signature of his first agreement of sponsorship in 1998, the relation between the Barça and Nike has been one of collaboration and mutual growth.

The future of the Barça with Nike

The new agreement with Nike promises to be a milestone in the history of the Barça and bring a lot of profits for both parts. Likewise, it expects that it include a combination of financial profits, design of kits innovative and collaborations in social projects. The fans expect anxious to see how develops this association and which surprises offers us.

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With the new agreement with Nike, the followers of the Barça could find new opportunities to participate in the on-line sportive bets. What could increase even more the popularity of the on-line casinos in Spain. To measure that the Barça continues making history with his agreements, the on-line casinos in Spain will keep on being an integral part of the experience futbolística.

In conclusion, the Barça prepares to sign an agreement that no only will redefine his presence in the field, but it also will strengthen his influence in the global sportive culture. With the look put in the future, the Barça and Nike are smart to elevate the standard of what means to be more than a club. The fans. This union promises to make history again.

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