The reason why Robert Lewandowski is a different player from the others

Published:1/04/2023 - 14:21h

Updated:1/04/2023 - 19:05h

Robert Lewandowski has erigido like the main figure of attack of the Barça from very little time of his arrival. His coach has desvelado in an interview what has done him different to the rest

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With his arrival to the rows of the FC Barcelona in the past market of summer, Robert Lewandowski has been to the height of what the team demanded and expected of him in very little time, unlike players like Raphinha or Kessié, that have required a more extensive period to adapt to the dynamics of game.

Recently, the coach of the forward, Jakub B. Bączek, has desvelado several of the reasons by which the today main offensive referent of the Barça is a so different player to the rest, comparing him included with footballers out of series that history in the Barcelona team, as Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho Gaúcho, whose presence in the field changed completely the face of the team.

Why Lewandowski is different to the rest?

In an interview for 'Fact', Bączek has indicated that one of the keys is the humility of the attacker: "Robert, by his attainments, is an incredibly humble person, taking into account his position in the world-wide football. His name is known in all the continents, from San Francisco until Peking. The fact that Robert can ask help, learn and, at the same time, work actively for the charity, turns it into a person that is difficult not wanting to privately".

Likewise, it has stood out the high degree of discipline of the international with the 'white eagles', as well as his interest by other knowledges to the margin of the sport: "From a principle, Robert distinguished by an incredible diligence. But what no all the world knows is his multidimensionalidad. I speak especially of the things that treated or interested him. Few sportsmen interest so much by the knowledge of other areas of the life: the psychology, the quality of the dream, the nutrition, the osteopatía, the endocrinology or the alergología".

Differences between the club and the selection

Of equal way, the expert has indicated why the player presents two distinct versions: "Although in the club have long to build the image and the relations, the situation is different in the case of the selection. In the concentrations, the players appear 'at random' and by little time, and every time can have a composition of different team. When comparing play in the club and in the selection, is easy to commit a cognitive error and expect that a person was the same in two places".

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