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The defensive formula of the Barcelona to go back to win the Champions

Published:30/03/2021 - 18:18h

Updated:30/03/2021 - 18:18h

The absence of Champions in the last years of the FC Barcelona have done replantearse a lot of things in the sportive and the next campaign would look for to repeat a formula that gave them success in the past

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The next season of the Barcelona seems to have some names annotated with security in the staff, being Eric García one of them to reinforce a zone that comes struck from does a lot. The central that formed in the institution culé would arrive free from the Manchester City to join to Hammered, Araújo, Lenglet, Mingueza and Umtiti.

Another central right that in theory arrives with the vitola to be the baza of security and of future in the Barcelona defence, to the margin of the positive explosions of Mingueza and Araújo, also canteranos of the club. The balance between right-handed and left-handed to lose , although it would not have to be a problem.

Along the history, the Barcelona has known to be supported by right defenders in the important moments, like the five Champions that are in the vitrina of the Camp Nou. Each one of these glasses were conquered with couple of right-handed in the defence and the next season, everything aims to that this curiosity in the alignment could repeat .

Wembley 92

Koeman And Nando were the elected in the first Champions that won the Barcelona, that besides saw to the Dutch like the big hero of that final and at present, is the saviour (at least provisional) of one of the worst crises of identity and game that has the team in the last years.

Paris 2006

Puyol And Márquez were behind what began to fraguarse like one of the best midfields of the history culé. The clean and elegant exit of the Mexican compensated in the delivery and race of the Spanish, doing a pair that without mattering the leg that used, went of the best that has seen in a season.

Rome 2009

Yayá Touré And Hammered played of head offices no only in the final, but in some meeting more than that campaign, with the marfileño being a todoterreno and adapted to any position of the field that wanted the Spanish, to fulfil in any role. The absence of Puyol was not so determinant in a big final.

Wembley 2011 – Berlin 2015

I hammered and Mascherano, one of the most characteristic pairs of the recent history of the Barcelona, went the protagonist of the last Champions that won the club and total guarantee for his mates, emulating that formula of elegance (Hammered) and harp (Masche) of the 2006, armouring the team.

In the Barcelona, the left-handed is rather a stamp of attack, that no only by Messi like the maximum representative of this, but by what this season has sucedido, that even right-handed players have appeared of left leg to mark important goals.

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