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The FC Barcelona, a club of picturesque presidents

Published:9/03/2021 - 18:13h

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The club has had a big list of mandators that between pros and contras kept in shape historical of the team, created a big structure and formed a giant mark

Calendar of FC Barcelona

From 1899 the FC Barcelona began to write the history of one of the biggest clubs of the world, with a list of players and presidents that well have remained along the years like authentic characters of the football, between them Lionel Messi, one of the biggest footballers of all time.

In the dispatches, the presidency has gone through the hands of 41 distinct people, beginning with Walter Wild, known also like Gualteri Wild. It commissioned to be the founder, player and first president of the team, although only it was to the control during two years until 1901, sucedido by Bartomeu Terradas i Brutau.

The one who more repeated in the charge was Joan Gamper i Haessig, with five mandates in the team (1908, 1910, 1917, 1921, 1924), although between all accumulated 9 years at most leader. The honour to having chaired more time to the club belongs him to Josep Lluís Núñez, that was 22 years from 1978 until the 2000.

Joan Laporta is the one who follows him, with 17 years and explaining, since it finish to win the presidential elections of the team and will be at the top of the club again. The victory of Laporta avoided that the partner number 42 went president, by what the list keeps in 41 being Joan the 39.

Only five of these presidents have been interim, Joaquim Peris of Vargas, Joan Eat Sarasols, Antoni Julià of Capmany, Raimon Carrasco i Azemar and Enric Reyna, in addition to all the stir caused by Josep María Bartomeu, that renounced in the middle of a motion of censorship that finished with Jordi Farré chairing a Managing Board.

Without forgetting to Joan Gaspart, the one who autodenomina like "the worst president of the history of the club" and that lived moments quite complicated in his mandate. Better luck for Núñez, that in addition to being the president with more time in the charge also was the one who brought the first Champions to the vitrinas culés, gone on down the big management of Laporta in his first mandate.

The complete list is this:

  • 29-11-1899 Walter Wild
  • 25-04-1901 Bartomeu Terradas i Brutau
  • 05-09-1902 Pau Haas
  • 17-09-1903 Arthur Witty i Cotton
  • 06-10-1905 Josep M. Soler
  • 01-10-1906 Juli Mairal i Mundet
  • 11-11-1908 Vicenç Reig Falomir
  • 02-12-1908 Joan Gamper i Haessig
  • 14-10-1909 Otto Gmeiln
  • 17-11-1910 Joan Gamper i Haessig
  • 30-06-1913 Francesc of Moxó i of Sentmenat
  • 30-06-1914 Àlvar Loans Torns
  • 29-09-1914 Joaquim Peris of Vargas
  • 29-06-1915 Rafael Llopart i Vidaud
  • 25-06-1916 Gaspar Rosés i Arús
  • 17-06-1917 Joan Gamper i Haessig
  • 19-06-1919 Ricard Graells i Looked
  • 27-06-1290 Gaspar Rosés i Arús
  • 17-07-1921 Joan Gamper i Haessig
  • 29-06-1923 Enric Cardona i Penella
  • 01-06-1924 Joan Gamper i Haessig
  • 10-07-1925 Joan Eat Sarasols
  • 17-12-1925 Arcadi Balaguer i Coast
  • 25-03-1929 Tomàs Rosés i Ibotson
  • 30-06-1930 Gaspar Rosés i Arús
  • 22-10-1931 Antoni Oliver i Gras
  • 20-12-1931 Joan Eat Sarasols
  • 16-07-1934 Esteve Room i Canyadell
  • 02-08-1935 Josep Suñol i Garriga
  • 29-11-1937 Francesx X. Casals
  • 13-03-1940 Enric Piñeiro i Queralt
  • 10-07-1942 Josep Vidal-Ribas i Güell
  • 13-08-1942 Enric Piñeiro i Queralt
  • 20-08-1943 Josep Antoni of Albert i Muntadas
  • 22-09-1943 Josep Vendrell i Ferrer
  • 20-09-1946 Agustí Montal i Galobart

16-07-1952 Enric Martí i Carreto

02-12-1953 Francesc Looked-Sans i Casacuberta

01-03-1961 Antoni Julià of Capmany

07-06-1961 Enric Llaudet i Ponsa

17-01-1968 Narcís of Careers i Guiteras

18-12-1969 Agustí Montal i Coast

18-12-1977 Raimon Carrasco i Azemar

01-07-1978 Josep Lluís Núñez i Clemente

23-07-2000 Joan Gaspart i Solves

12-02-2003 Enric Reyna

22-06-2003 Joan Laporta i Estruch

01-07-2020 Sandro Rosell i Feliu

23-01-2014 Josep Maria Bartomeu i Floreta

07-03-2021 Joan Laporta i Estruch

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