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The most important players of the history of the FC Barcelona

Published:21/10/2023 - 12:36h

Updated:21/10/2023 - 12:36h

The FC Barcelona has had along his history to the best players of the world. Of Leo Messi, for a lot of the best of always, to Johan Cruyff or Ronaldinho, these are the big names of the history of the entity

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From his humble beginnings to ends of the 19th century, the FC Barcelona has cultivated a rich history of excellence in the football. The contribution of exceptional players has encumbrado to the club to insuperable heights, creating a legion of loyal followers all over the world. We will analyse how these players, with his innate talent and his passion indomable by the sport, have left a footprint indeleble in the history of the club and in the heart of his followers.

The relation between the history of the FC Barcelona and the sportive bets is innegable. The skill and the talent of the players of this iconic team, as Messi, Cruyff and Ronaldinho, have been key factors that the fans and apostadores have taken into account when using his promotional code betsson. Through the years, the followers of the sportive bets have followed closely the performances of these players to do his predictions and strategies of bets, what shows how the history of the players of the FC Barcelona and the sportive bets are interwoven.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff, with his style of only game and his tactical vision, revolutionised the football in the FC Barcelona as much as player like trainer. In his stage like player, his skill to control the balloon and his agility in the terrain of game contributed to some of the victories more memorables of the club. Like trainer, entered the famous "total football", a strategy that promoted the mobility and the versatility inside the field of game. This philosophy no only drove to the team to a series of successes, but it also initiated the base of the style of game that characterises to the Barça nowadays, the tiki-taka. The influence of Cruyff in the FC Barcelona has been so deep that his legacy continues alive in the structure and philosophy of the club.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, nicknamed "The Flea", has been a central figure in the FC Barcelona during more than a decade. Originario Of Argentina, Messi joined to the juvenile academy of the Barça, The Masia, to the early age of 13 years. Since, his career has been a series of attainments and impressive records. With more than 700 goals for the club, Messi has won 10 titles of The League, 7 Glass of Rey and 4 titles of the League of Champions of the UEFA with the Barça. Besides, it has been awarded with the Balloon of Gold in six occasions, a will to his talent and exceptional skill. His influence in the world-wide football is unquestionable, being widely considered like one of the best players of all time. The skill of Messi, his vision of game and his capacity to change the course of a party with an alone played have left a footprint imborrable in the history of the FC Barcelona and of the football in general.


Ronaldinho, whose complete name is Ronaldo of Assis Moreira, arrived to the FC Barcelona in 2003, dazzling to the world of the football with his exceptional skill, his tricks with the balloon and his contagious smile. His skills without the same in the dribbling, his precision in the free shots and his superiority in the one against one turned it into an icon of the modern football. During his stay in the club, Ronaldinho was instrumental in the conquest of several trophies, including two titles of The League and the League of Champions of the UEFA in 2006. His impact in the game was such that revitalizó to the FC Barcelona, carrying it of a period of drop to the peak of the European football. Out of the field, Ronaldinho is remembered by his charismatic personality and his positive attitude, that irradiaba joy so much to mates of team as to the fans. At the end of his career in the Barcelona, Ronaldinho had left a footprint indeleble in the club, consolidating as one of the big idols of his history.

Xavi Hernández

Xavi Hernández, whose complete name is Xavier Hernández Creus, is an indisputable icon of the FC Barcelona and of the world-wide football. Been born in Terrassa, Catalonia, in 1980, Xavi ingresó in the juvenile academy of the Barça, The Masia, to the early age of 11 years. Over time, his innate skill for the control of the balloon and his vision of game carried it to the first team, where turned into a fundamental pillar. Xavi was the angular stone of the philosophy of game of the Barcelona, known like tiki-taka. This style of game, that prioritises the possession of the balloon and the precise passes, was perfectly adapted to the skills of Xavi. His capacity to distribute the balloon of effective way and his tactical intelligence in the field left a durable footprint in the club and in the world-wide football. During his career in the Barcelona, Xavi helped to the team to conquer numerous titles, including 8 championships of The League and 4 titles of the UEFA Champions League. Definitely, Xavi Hernández is one of the more emblematic and important players in the history of the FC Barcelona.

Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta, been born in Fuentealbilla, Spain in 1984, is a virtuoso midfield player that has left a mark imborrable in the FC Barcelona and in the world-wide football. Iniesta ingresó in The Masia to the age of 12 years and rose quickly through his rows thanks to his remarkable skill for the pass and his vision of game. His capacity to keep the possession of the balloon under pressure and distribute it of precise way turned it into a crucial element of the style tiki-taka of the Barcelona. Iniesta no only shined in the ordinary parties, but it showed his best version in the most important crashes. His goal in the final of the Glass of the World of the FIFA 2010 is a will of his influence in the decisive moments. Along his career in the Barcelona, Iniesta won 9 titles of The League and 4 of the UEFA Champions League, consolidating as a figure insustituible of the club and of the Spanish football. His contribution to the sport and his exemplary behaviour inside and out of the field of game, situate it between the biggest and respected footballers of the history.

Samuel Eto'or

Samuel Eto'or, oriundo of Cameroon, is undoubtedly one of the best forwards that have dressed the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona. His lethal instinct in front of the goal and his inigualable skill to find spaces in the defence opponent did of him a nightmare for the rival defenders. During his time in the Barça, showed one and again his capacity to change the destination of a party with an alone goal. His performances in the crucial parties, especially his goal in the final of the UEFA Champions League of 2006, marked his status like stellar player. Further of his career in the Barcelona, Eto'or left a significant legacy in the African football. As one of the African players more condecorados, broke barriers and opened the way for future generations of African footballers. His impact extends further of the football, turning into a symbol of hope and inspiration for million youngsters in all the African continent.

Definitely, the FC Barcelona has been more than a club of football; it has been a stage where the big of the football have forged his legend. Each one of these players, with his only skill and invaluable contributions, has esculpido his name in the history of the sport. His bequeathed no only measures by the trophies won, but also by the impact that have had in the game, influencing in generations of footballers that aspire to imitate his greatness. The FC Barcelona continues being a lighthouse of excellence and talent, lighting the way for the future of the football.

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