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Who should be the wingers for Barça 24/25? Duel between Ansu, Joao Félix, Ferran and Raphinha

Published:20/03/2024 - 20:20h

Updated:20/03/2024 - 20:20h

FC Barcelona wants to sign a top left winger, but it is likely that they do not have the money to do so. In that case, they will surely have to decide three players between Joao Félix, Ferran, Raphinha and Ansu Fati, who will return from his loan

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The left extreme is a pending subject of the FC Barcelona since Ansu Fati, allocated to occupy this position during more than a decade, lesionara and did not go back to be the same. Since, they have happened several players by this side, including to the own hispanoguineano, but any has given the level expected. This season, the most recurrent options for this band have been Joao Félix and Ferran Torres, with Raphinha like alternative to give him fit in the XI now that Lamine Yamal has exploded.

Although Xavi Hernández has used a lot the system of four midfield players, an extreme and a forward to counter the fault of an attacker 'top' by the left, the reality is that the next project of the Barça probably will build of usual form with a 4-3-3 more classical. For this reason, in the club want to fichar to an attacker of level to play in this side, although as it is the economic situation with the Fair Play, this signing antoja complicated in these moments.

By this reason, can that at the end the FC Barcelona have to decide between the extremes that already there is and the one who will go back in summer, Ansu Fati, who are the best to remain and compete by the place, and obviously who is the best to be headline. Lamine Has a place ensured in the right by potential, performance and by the disequilibrium that contributes, being a decisive factor for the team even when it does not mark by the advantages that generates with his dribbling. Therefore, Ferran, the own Fati, Joao and Raphinha 'will litigate' by his place.

Ansu Fati Is doing a bad season in the Brighton

Beginning by Ansu, that goes to be the recently arrived in spite of his past culé, it is necessary to stand out that his season in the Brighton has been disappointing. The Barcelona expected that with less pressure, in a new environment and with a big trainer like Roberto of Zerbi went to be able to approach to his best version, but this has been lejísimos of suceder. Andl international Spanish has been headline in alone 8 parties of 26 that has contested, losing besides more than two months of competition, 14 meetings in total, by fault of a muscular injury that did to remember old 'ghosts'.

The canterano barcelonista has not won the full confidence of his technician and in the 996' of game of which has enjoyed in general the only that has done has been to generate more doubts on his level. In total, only has marked 4 goals and has given 1 assistance, that are numbers very poor for somebody that aspires to be important in the Barça. Physically it follows him seeing underneath of what demands his position and, although the talent and the smell goleador can not have disappeared, the doubts that has in his game generate pessimism regarding his future like culé.

Ferran Torres, a complete attacker that wants the place

By his part, Ferran Torres was doing until his injury a campaign very meritoria, being still the maximum second goleador of the team with 11 so many and 4 assistances in total. The performance of the Valencian was being very good, especially in the section realizador, and before lesionarse had won him the game to Joao Félix in the left. It seemed that this band did not come him well, since in Valencia stood out in the right and was therefore by what him fichó the City, but was adapting of remarkable form.

The only doubt that generates the one of Foios to the hour to think in him like potential title in this band is if has the sufficient quality to fulfil with this role. It is fast, has smell goleador, good movements to the hour of desmarcarse and with confidence more dribbling of the that seems, but does not have a shot that do him differential and, besides, does not have so much quality as sometimes it demands the place.

Raphinha, the 'covered' for this left extreme

Raphinha, on the other hand, arrived to the Barcelona to play in the right, that is where has played during all his career, and here is where has contested almost all his minutes this course. However, the explosion of Lamine does that of face to the campaign that comes it was necessary to bet by him here of regular form. This would remove him a lot of minutes, by what his only solution if it wants to be still in the City Condal being important, would be to accept play in the left-handed on foot natural.

This season, although the Brazilian has played only a party to title in this side, against the Naples, when it has been acting has had to go in in several occasions hit to this band, not to move to Yamal of the right. Although it notices that it feels more comfortable on foot changed, his speed, his big left-handed, his dynamism and his personality on the field do him be an interesting option to play here. It will have to pulir some appearances, but if it decided to put of his part could give an optimum performance.

Joao Félix, more talent that performance and danger

Joao Félix, instead, has spare talent, but does not have the personality neither the character of Ferran or Raphinha. The luso with ball yes can mark differences, but this campaign has showed that only it is used to to do it in determinate contexts of meeting. Against teams shut costs him a lot, since it does not have the one against one neither the sufficient speed to do cost only, and is especially to the against when more it can decide. His irregularity has been his worst 'sinned' in the Barça, but still like this has had stretches of good game and his numbers, 9 goals and 5 assistances in total, without being at all of the another world, neither are bad.

It is necessary to see which raisin with the luso this summer, since the idea of the club is to prolong a year more his cession and not paying a traspaso by him. If there is agreement under these terms with the Athletic, will follow, and if there is not it will leave , doing the decision in the extreme something simpler. If at the end it followed, it has to him demand more regularity, that was more atinado of face to goal and also that it learn to surrender in contexts of party that to 'priori' can favour him less. If it achieved this, is likely that by differential quality went the best of this list, but is 24 years old and up to now still has not attained it, by what there are not a lot of reasons to believe in that it can do it.

Raphinha, the one who more goals generates and Ansu the one who less

Once explained the situations, sensacionnes and shots of all the players, it is necessary to support in the data to see which of all is doing more by his team. Although the numbers are not it everything, are a good proof for detecar who can be more decisive. In this case, Raphinha aventaja to the other in this duel when having generated 15 goals in 1.381 minutes of game (5 so many and 10 assistances), what is an average of 0,97 targets generated by party. Although it is the second that less goals has put after Ansu, and the one who worse average goleador by 90 minutes has (0,32), anybody has participated actively in more so many that he.

The second in this appearance of goals generated is Ferran, with 0,80 by meeting. Besides, the Valencian is the maximum goleador and the one who better average scorer has (0,58). After him it arrives Joao, with 0,43 so many by each 90 minutes contested and 0,67 targets generated including the assistances. The last of the list is Fati, that is the one who less so many has marked in total (4), the second that worse half goleadora has (0,36) and the one who less so many has generated adding assistances (0,45).

This only are numbers and the next season could change all, since the performance of these footballers could go up or go down according to the contexts that have or according to his own feelings. Raphinha, for example, has done these figures in his majority from the right and can that it did not adapt to the left and did worse statistical or that played worse. There is not at all safe neither there is at all writing, but if it seems at least that, to 'priori' Ansu is the worst candidate of the four and between the others three there is a more equalised competition. And you, who think that would have to remain and who would have to be headline in this band?

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