Bartomeu: "if they are interested in messi, that forget "

Bartomeu: "If they are interested in Messi, that forget "

Bartomeu: "If they are interested in Messi, that forget "

Published:21/02/2016 - 17:53h


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The president of the Barça, Josep Maria Bartomeu, conceded an extensive interview for the "Daily Mirror" like reason of the dispute of the party of gone of the eighth of final of the Champions in front of the Arsenal. In this spoke of the actuality of the Barcelona team and of his stars

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Ticket - Gone in Arsenal vs FC Barcelona - Champions
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The president of the FC Barcelona has it very clear: who think in fichar to Leo Messi, that forget . And no because it say it the gentleman Bartomeu, but, admits the maximum Barcelona mandator, because it recognises it the own footballer. Like this of cutting showed Josep Maria Bartomeu in the interview that conceded to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", and that has been published this Sunday. Baromeu Spoke of Leo, of Neymar and of all the stars that, even having better economic offers that the Barcelona, prefer to remain in the city condal.

"We know that Messi could win more money in other teams, also Neymar, Busquets, Gerard Hammered or Luis Suárez.. For example, Neymar, when it came to Barcelona, ??Had better offers of other teams. Suárez also had better offers", admitted the president, that continued his speech affirming that "all they decided to come to Barcelona, ??Because I think that this club attracts to the players, since we are more than a club".

The maximum mandator blaugrana was asked after the rumours that situate to Neymar or to Messi in the orbit of big English teams like Manchester City or United, although this no pass further of the rumour. "We go to see that sucede. We are calm because we know that our players are very happy in our club, in our city. They enjoy of the sport, of his profession, and form a big group. So we are safe that the players do not move . It will not be a decision by a question of money", confirmed a "Bartu" that incidió in the case of the best player of the world.

"For example, Leo Messi said does some days that the Barcelona will be the only European club that will play in Europe. So if somebody is interested in Messi, forget it. It has said it he, do not say it I", added. On the trident formed by the Argentinian, Neymar and Suárez, only there are words of praise to what the recognises like historical: "I Think that in the history of the club, rather in the history of the football never had been able to gather to three players of the quality of Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez. Messi is with us from the 13 years. Neymar Arrived in 2013 and with Luis Suárez have changed a bit our form to play. We do not play with a 9, do it with a false 9, but now have found him his place of a fast and perfect form".

The Barça, much more that a club

"We occupy us of many other things, be more near of the boys in the world, through UNICEF, through the Foundation Melinda Gates or through the International Olympic Committee in Africa and of other projects with boys. All this creates an atmosphere that does that no only are a club of football. We are more than a club".

Luis Suárez, the best of the world in his place

"It is a star. For us he is the best player of the world in his place. Neymar Also is brilliant, also is the best player. And what say of Andrés Iniesta, Busquets, Hammered... All these players are incredible in his position".

"Suárez accepts perfectly his paper in the team. At the end what likes us of our players is that they do not fix in his individual success, but it looks the success of the team. And this is not something that sucede in all the teams of Europe, sure".

The first time that the Barça has an only block

"I have been in the board with Rijkaard, Guardiola, Vilanova, Tata Martino and now with Luis Enrique like trainer and can ensure that it is the first time that see a changing room where are a block, that are an alone group. Sometimes there is two or three groups in the changing rooms. In this team are only a group. And all the world is happy by the individual success and the success of the team ".

The renewals continue on its course

"All are in the moment to renew his agreements, of prorrogar the agreements. In this moment do not see that any of our players have to leave the club next summer. I can not him advance if we have done it or no, but like member of the managerial board can ensure him that we are responsible people. We know what is better for our club. When it do something, will announce it ".

The City of Guardiola, different to the Barça

"Only I can say that when Pep was here helped to grow to our club, when Txiki was here did the same. When Pep was here that he helped to our club to grow, when Txiki was here helped to our club to grow. I arrived with Ferran Soriano when the club was in a financial situation very difficult and the board and Soriano help to change the situation".

"So what is doing the Manchester City is a different project with an owner, no as here that we are 140.000 owners, a different city, and some different fans. They, of course, contribute to the City the experience that had in Barcelona".

The importance of Cruyff and Guardiola in the Barça

"Johan Cruyff entered in the club the way to organise the modern sport. Afterwards they came Louis go Gaal, that gave a lot of confidence to young players like Valdés, Xavi, Iniesta or Carles Puyol. Afterwards it was Rijkaard, and win the Champions in Paris. If we fix us in the technicians that are a reference for this club, are those that win. Cruyff Won a lot, Rijkaard won, Pep won a lot. And when I say Pep always say Pep and Tito Vilanova, because Tito was very important for Pep. They were a fantastic team. Pep brought the knowledge and had a lot success. This club always will be in grateful to him. And now it is Luis Enrique. At the end a team is not only a trainer. A team are the players, the technicians, the fans, the medical personnel, the sportive directors; it is everything".

The Premier League is the rival of the FC Barcelona

"When the people asks me who is our rival, always say that it is the Premier League. The distribution of the rights of TV, the organisation of the competition, the fact that have interesting parties of permanent form, that the league is very equalised. Everything. The rights of television is a consequence to do the things properly in the last years".

"Now in the League have delivered the rights of television of a way more equitativa. It is worse for the Barcelona, ??Worse for the Madrid, worse probably by some of the teams, but have to think in the long term. It would like us have some rights of television like the Premier League and this would do that the League was more interesting".

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