Fc barcelona 3 málaga 0 | league bbva 2013 14 day 21

FC Barcelona 3 Málaga 0 | League BBVA 2013-14 Day 21

FC Barcelona 3 Málaga 0 | League BBVA 2013-14 Day 21

Published:26/01/2014 - 22:57h


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The Barça surpasses to the Málaga in the Camp Nou (3-0) and recovers the leadership of the League empatado to points with the Athletic. I hammered, Pedro and Alexis have annotated the Barcelona goals in a party in which Xavi has been homenajeado by the 700 parties

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With Josep Maria Bartomeu chairing the loge of the Camp Nou and Xavi Hernández receiving a homage by his 700 parties dressing the Barcelona T-shirt has begun the clash with the Málaga. The Barça has begun cheerful, with game combinativo, especially between Pedro, Cesc, Alexis and Messi that have found in multiple occasions a motorway by the right band that have not been able to take advantage of. 

Doubt, to few minutes of the start of the party, through a launching of fault has forced to that Valdés pulled . It has been the first dangerous occasion of the Andalusian group that has received a constant siege in his area. Pedro, electrical by the band and Alba saving a clear action for the Málaga have been clear examples of a Barça that has finish by equal parts between all the players. Messi, in an individual action, finish with the balloon brushing the stick after having encarado to Willy Cavalier.

To the half hour of party, and from an action to unemployed balloon, Doubt has connected with Angeleri, that finishing of head, has been about to to surprise to a Valdés that has refused the balloon. The Barça has not ceased in looking for the goal. Constant arrivals with combinations between Messi, Alba, Pedro, Alexis and Cesc have not finish of fructificar like himself has done it Hammered in the minute 40. It has been precisely from a kickoff of corner that the central has taken advantage of a balloon combed with the head by Alexis, to send it with a shot at the end of the Andalusian goal. The first part has finish with the advantage in the marker and with a high capacity of the Barcelona to generate occasions. The mobility and the capacity of creation have been the main arms of the men of Martino.

In the second part has kept the game combinativo and the rapidity. Between Cesc and Messi has generated the first good occasion of danger. Alves Has begun the played of the goal with a good combination with Messi and the Argentinian yielded the balloon to Pedro that, with a shot crossed, sent the balloon at the end of the goal of Willy. Five minutes afterwards Alexis has achieved his twelfth goal, the third of the party. The action began with a played of Messi that with a combination with Pedro finish with a centre that the Chilean does not have desaprovechado. After the goal, Pedro, that had received a hit, has been changed by caution and five minutes before the end, Afellay, twenty months afterwards, has gone back to step a terrain of game with the Barcelona T-shirt.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona, 3 - Málaga, 0

FC Barcelona, 3: Valdés, Daniel Alves, Hammered, Mascherano, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Xavi (c) (S. Roberto, min. 78), Cesc Fàbregas; Pedro (Tello, min. 61), Messi and Alexis (Afellay, min. 86).

Málaga, 0: Knight; Angeleri, S. Sánchez, Ferreira, Antunes; Tissone (Dardé, min. 81), Camacho; Camacho, Doubt (c), Pablo Pérez (Moral, min. 65); and Santa Cruz (Pawlowski, min 25).

Goals of the party: 1-0, min. 40, Hammered: Xavi launches some corners from the right of the attack, combs Alexis in the first stick and Hammered controls in the second and remacha. 2-0, min. 55, Pedro: Messi starts the played in the frontal delárea supports in Pedro that controls, does two cuts and plants with the right a shot to half height. 3-0, min. 60, Alexis. Messi starts by the axis of the attack and after undoing of two contrary opens to the left for Pedro that centres to the second stick so that Alexis push the spherical to the network.
Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez (Aragonese Committee). Assisted in the bands by Pau Cebrián Devis, Pau (Valencian Committee) and Luis Fernando Marco Martínez (Aragonese Committee). Fourth referee, Cristian Adrian Lixandru (Aragonese Committee). It showed yellow cards to Pablo Pérez (min. 16) by a hard entrance to Busquets; to I Hammered (min. 29) for holding on to Pawlowski; to Doubt (min. 31) for demolishing to Alexis; already Sergio Sánchez (min. 70) for demolishing to Messi..
Incidences: Camp Nou, 56.355 viewers. First party of Josep Maria Bartomeu like president of the FC Barcelona. In the prolegómenos, Xavi Hernández received a homage for arriving to the 700 parties with the T-shirt of the Barça.

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