The central of the fc barcelona thrilled  when devoting the prize of better Catalan sportsman of the year to his parents

I hammered it thrills with the "Catalan Sportsman of the year"

I hammered it thrills with the "Catalan Sportsman of the year"

Published:26/01/2016 - 10:32h


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The defender of the Barça Gerard Hammered thrilled when devoting them the prize of "Better Catalan Sportsman of the year" to his parents. Before receiving it spoke of his current situation, of how sees in the future and also left a pulla for the journalists after the banners in front of the Espanyol

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The central of the FC Barcelona Gerard Hammered received this Monday at night the prize of "Better Catalan Sportsman of the year", in the Festa of l'Esport Català that celebrates every year and that in this occasion took place in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. A prize organised by Joined it of Federacions Esportives of Catalonia (UFEC) where the runner of extreme mountains Núria Hammer received the same prize in the feminine category.

The footballer, by his part, showed loved to receive the prize and even thrilled when devoting it to his parents that were assisting to the act there with him and beside his wife Shakira. ?Always they complain that I do not devote them the goals and today want to them devote this prize?, it achieved to say to finish leaving the speech half, fruit of the emotion and the tears.

But before this, the player was interviewed by the presenter of the act, Xavi Choral. Choral asked after him several questions like where sees when it withdraw . ?Always I have said that be trainer is something that never has liked me, this to manage so many players with his egos, all want to play... It isd emasiado work for me. I need something calmer. Sure that when it withdraw me I will take me one or two sabbatical years, but for the moment to squeeze what remains me of career?, it commented.

On the possibilities of the FC Barcelona in the next meeting of Glass in front of the Athletic, the Catalan defender had to well say that ?Have a result in favour of the gone against the Athletic and play home, in front of our fans. Already we know that to this team likes him play finals and if we delete to the Athletic would be to a step of another final?.

On if the current is the best Hammered, does not have it clear: ?I do not know if it is the best Hammered, in a career go through good and bad moments. In the good do not have to think that you are upper to others and in the bad not to believe you worse that the other. This learn it with the years, have to follow your line in a collective sport?.

Also it delivered praises to his mates by all the trophies achieved the past 2015. "We have had an only opportunity after a pair of years in which we were not so well and have taken advantage of it. This staff is very good and have jointed us each one understanding the paper that touches him and this is basic. All are of the house. In the good moments is easy to manage, but in the bad, when it is not so easy, be joined is vital?, it explained

Finally, and asked after other media, Hammered sack to relucir the irony when being asked after the banners in his against in Cornellà-The Prat: ?I do not have at all that say, if it would not say it by twitter?, it affirmed with a smile pícara for later refer to Antiviolencia and say ?That it study what seem him, are to study what think that have to study, does not matter what I creates if they go to do what want to, do not have at all that say?.

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