The midfield player of the fc barcelona approached to augusto when it went  lesionado to calm him and kiss him in the front

The gesture of Javier Mascherano with Augusto after his injury

The gesture of Javier Mascherano with Augusto after his injury

Published:31/01/2016 - 17:41h


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The midfield player of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano had a grandísimo gesture with the midfield player of the Athletic of Madrid Agusto when it abandoned the field fruit of a grave injury. "Masche" Approached to him to calm him and kiss him in the front

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It is clear that to the best footballers has to them to judge by his performances inside the terrains of game. But no everything are goals, assistances or courts providenciales, but also there are gestures and actions that denote a big compañerismo and that do to a man be model for million boys. Something like what did the past Saturday the midfield player of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano.

It ran the minute 26 of the second time when on the Camp Nou occurred a misfortune for all footballer: a grave injury. In a balloon contested with Burn Turan, the athletic Augusto Fernández stepped badly and remained tumbado on the terrain of game. The gestures of pain in the face of the midfield player were clear, so much that the medical services of the Barça quickly attended to the call with a stretcher to be able to carry to the player of the field. The knee of the half did "crack", and all sportsman knows what this means.

The cries of pain were such, that varied of his mates as well as of Barcelona footballers approached to him to treat to help in all the possible. But the most beautiful action came when Mascherano put to speak with him, treating to calm him and looking for some way to detain so much pain. Both, mates in the selection of Argentina, already know from does time. It is thus that the "jefecito" kissed him in the front before they carried it to him of the lawn.

An action that won the ovation of the present public in the Camp Nou and that hit to a lot of journalists that covered the meeting. Mascherano Went back to show this humanity that sometimes misses on the green. The fourteen blaugrana, sad and grieved about his mate, could not do another thing that be beside him in these difficult instants. It is thus that Mascherano is so respected inside the FC Barcelona and was, by all the world of the football. Actions like this, that have to be model for million youngsters and no so young that devote to the sport of the balompié.

That Mascherano has won the heart of his bloated by his delivery, fight and the heart that puts in each played and each party is something that do not go to discover right now. But they are these other actions, those that arrive from the soul, those that do that his name retumbe in the stadium each party. A clear man, cultivated and that whenever speech does it from the respect and conscious of the repercussion that has. A footballer of which, lamentably, few remain.

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