The referee of the fc barcelona athletic club did not show him the red card to the defender after a clamorosa lacking on the Brazilian

They forgave to Balenziaga the red by a fault to Neymar

They forgave to Balenziaga the red by a fault to Neymar

Published:27/01/2016 - 22:03h


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The referee of the FC Barcelona-Athletic Club showed permisivo in two entrances committed on the leading Neymar Júnior. In the first of Mikel Rico taught him the yellow when it could have been expelled, but later forgave him the red card to Balenziaga

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By a lot of that speak before the party and that players and technician of the Athletic Club speak of the respect that have him to Neymar Júnior, the mission of the Basque defenders and go to hunt to the Brazilian. Could see in the party of gone of the quarter-finals in Saint Mamés and saw this Wednesday in the turn. First it was the midfield player Mikel Rico the one who went to by the knee of the attacker, soltándole a zapatazo that well could have been sanctioned with red card.

Instead, the referee of the party Alejandro Hernández Hernández decided to show him the yellow card in front of the complaints of the Barcelona and of the public. Minutes afterwards, would be the defender Balenziaga the one who would go to by the genius of Sao Paolo. The Basque already had left him his card of visit to the attacker a pair of played before, but in this occasion gave him a good trompazo.

"Ney" Went in only by the frontal of the area of the team rojiblanco. With everything to mark, the defence visitor launched on the Brazilian and did him a clamorosa lacking merecedora of the expulsion. And when all expected this, Hernández Hernández only admonished to the defender, causing the criticisms of the players of the Barça and of the own public of the Camp Nou, that began to grital "was, went" in front of the referee's performance.

The fault was dangerous and the Argentinian Leo Messi finish it kicking very near of the square of Herrerín. No it left it to him to a Neymar that happened the first 45 minutes receiving patadas of all the colours. An authentic festival of infringements (pushes, patadas, codazos etc...) That Hernández Hernández did not know to brake in any moment.

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