The Madrilenian referee will be the attendant of dirigirel valency fc barcelona of semifinals of glass of the king

Velasco Carballo, scourge culé, looms Valencia-Barça

Velasco Carballo, scourge culé, looms Valencia-Barça

Published:30/01/2016 - 09:29h


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After the federation already have given to know the name of the referees that will arbitrate the eliminatory of Glass, the FC Barcelona already knows that ele can expect a good for the turn in Mestalla. The Madrilenian Velasco Carballo will go back to arbitrate a party of the Barça

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Valencia - LaCopa
Ticket - Entrances Valencia vs FC Barcelona - LaCopa
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

The Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF) already has given to know the referees that will commission to give justice in the eliminatory of semifinals of the Glass of the King 2015-2016. And it seems that this designation will bring tail after having been chosen a referee for the turn of the FC Barcelona-Valencia (10 February) that does not characterise , precisely, for being a referee that careless pass for the Barcelona interests.

It treats of Velasco Carballo, the Madrilenian referee that it will be the attendant to direct Valencia-FC Barcelona that contest in Mestalla and where will decide , predictably, the eliminatory. Carballo is known by all the controversies with Pep Guardiola and the Barça of does several seasons. Besides, in this 2015-2016 also there is a footballer of the staff that felt affected by his form to arbitrate.

It treats of the central Gerard Hammered, expelled in the turn of the Supercopa of Spain that confronted to the Barça with the Athletic of Bilbao when the result was of one to one and the ones of Luis Enrique had to trace back a four to zero desfavorable in the gone. The referee showed him the red card to the defence by purportedly have abused to his referee assistant, thing that seems was not true after reviewing the images of the party. In spite of this, to the player fell him four parties of sanction that had to fulfil in the first meetings of League BBVA.

Shelving the controversy in the designation of this referee, the Galician Churches Villanueva will be the another trencilla that will direct the party that will contest in the Camp Nou, the next three February. For the another eliminatory between Seville and Celtic of Vigo, will be first Clos Gómez the one who arbitrate the idea and the also controversial Martínez Munuera, the turn that will take place in Balaidos.

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