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It does not rest! Ceferin Uses the UEFA for resetear the European football

Published:26/08/2021 - 10:39h

Updated:26/08/2021 - 12:56h

Ceferin Will pose a change in the Fair Play that will attack with the structure and history of teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid

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The UEFA follow presenting changes in his rule, at least shows them. From it does some years put him a barrier to the immoderate cost and then seemed a good measure, since the limit salarial began to balance the scales in the European football and with this, a lot of teams began to give the size in international competitions.

All a mirage. Aleksander Ceferin, president of the UEFA, offered a period of grace to clubs like the PSG to adjust his accounts until the 2023, but in the middle of this lapse could appear a new rule that will hang much more to distinct teams of the continent "in favour" of the most modest.

For the next month of September will carry out a summit in Switzerland with the purpose to inform the changes that will do to future and in concrete, from the 22/23, season in which it will go in in force a possible tax to the distinct teams in relation to the costs, whenever these surpass the income.

If the tope salarial surpasses in 20% the limit established for each club then would have to pay a figure of until the double of this excess. The money collected of each club will go to a bottom that will deliver between the remaining teams of the UEFA according to the scale established by this organ rector.

And the fanatical?

One of the big protests against of the Superliga sustentó in that it was a direct attack to the essence of the football, the competitiveness and the fan, especially in the case of those clubs that depend on partners and the terracing mainly, although paradoxically in the list were Real Madrid and Barcelona, that follow at the head of the project and belong to his partners.

But in case to establish this new measure or regulation would be in front of a strong hit in the scales of the history and the system that knows up to now in the football, shelving the merit and path of the teams to give step to a burda auction of talent in which the best bidder will be champion.

Clubs like the PSG or the Manchester City have the advantage to invest according to the bottoms that inject him from his Arab owners, the same that Chelsea with the money of Abramovich. In case to exceed the limit, would pay without problem and yes, there would be more money for the modest and at the same time, greater distance without having the sportive.

Reseteo Imminent

With this panorama the possibility to see to this type of teams being of an owner is almost ineludible, unless they resist the hit and prefer to struggle the double. In case of not to turn into a Sportive Anonymous Society then the effort would have to be exponencialmente greater to be able to produce by himself same the money that need, more the money to compete him to the clubs of state.

Only for beginning to play to the seer, so much the entrances like the equipaciones of the teams would shoot to costs inalcanzables by the majority of the public, generating a disaster in income that sooner or later goes back to the start, that that poses to finish with more than a century of history, well was by the sportive ruin or by the loss of identity.

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