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It follows the war in the international football by the Superliga

Published:6/06/2021 - 20:44h

Updated:6/06/2021 - 20:44h

Alexander Ceferin, president of the UEFA, does not forgive him to Andrea Agnelli "his lies to the face", as for him his friendship came to an end definite

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Alexander Ceferin has not stopped to smash into the Superliga European. The president of the UEFA attained to finish of root with the attempt, although in the craft still remains the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus. This decision has cost them of several warnings and poses the risk that they can not contest the next Champions League.

The crusade of the clubs almost has him pillado desprevenido to Ceferin, and in all this the president of the Juventus and by then also of the ECA, Andrea Agnelli, had a main paper. Likewise, it presents the circumstance that Ceferin and Agnelli were intimate. The Italian leader always put of his part so that the esloveno reached the throne of the UEFA, and even, Ceferin is godfather of one of the children of the Italian.

However, his relation seems to have remained in the history. Ceferin Has very present the prick of the betrayal. Agnelli Deceived him when keeping it to the margin of the plot and mentirle ahead with regard to the Superliga: "Honestly, we did not know exactly what was happening. From time to time we received threats of split, leaks of documents on the subject... But no we take it to us very seriously. Andrea Agnelli, the one who then was the president of ECA, was member of our executive committee and continuously ensured us that really there was not at all of what concern. Especially because on our part, we had organised several meetings with the clubs to present them the new reform of the Champions, reform that voted the twelve rebellious clubs. But the next day, they revealed his project fantasmal", exposed Ceferin during an interview to Sofoot.

Meanwhile, they have revealed more details, which have affirmed that the history 'golpista' carries a deep background. When recently they had appeared the leaks the day of the announcement, immediately Ceferin called to Agnelli. The president of the Juventus firstly gave him long to the esloveno, and to the dessert turned off his telephone. This undoubtedly was the drop that satisfied the glass.

"The protagonists can classify in three categories. I put to Andrea Agnelli in the first echelon, in the personnel. To my eyes, this man no longer exists. I thought that we were fellow, but me mintió in the face until the last minute of the last day, ensuring that there was not at all of what concern. Whereas the previous day already had signed all the necessary documents for the launching of the Superliga. In the second category, plant to a group of leaders that felt that they were quite near of me and that regret that they did not say me with anticipation what planned to do. Finally, in the last category, are the managers with which did not have contact. I do not blame them, but they also will have to suffer the consequences of his acts. Through this competition, all these leaders saw the way to ensure to his respective clubs an immutable place in the peak of the European football. I am safe that his first idea was to leave to participate in the competitions of the UEFA, while they remained in his respective national championships", esgrime Ceferin.

Popular support

Alexander Ceferin saw immediately backed by a popular current, and this in the first place, commissioned to throw for backwards to the English clubs. From here, the castle of naipes collapsed . "In fact, it went a social fight that developed in second plane and is precisely therefore that the reactions were so brutal. Twelve multimillionaires have right to deprive us of our sport?The money buys it everything? The football is more than a simple game, is an integral part of our nations, cultures and societies. That's why his reading of the situation was entirely out of place. Afterwards, I asked them: 'How they did not darse that they were walking in the shit?' I want to say, with all his advisers, all the money that can collect these clubs...", it sentenced Ceferin.

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