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Qualifiers for Europe and descendants if the big leagues are canceled

Published:14/03/2020 - 09:10h

Updated:14/03/2020 - 14:09h

The leagues and European competitions have stopped by the coronavirus and is complicated to know if they will restart and what will happen in case of not to do it

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Owing to the coronavirus, the big European competitions and the leagues have stopped. To day of today, everything is suspended and does not know cándo will be able to restart the football; not even if they will be able to finish the tournaments initiated in the present season. To continuation, a review to how are the leagues right now and which teams would go to Europe and would descend in case that the classifications decided as they are.


In LaLiga, the FC Barcelona is first qualifier and, in case to follow the criterion of the Bundesliga, would be proclaimed champion of the domestic competition. The Barcelona would go to the Champions League accompanied of the Real Madrid, the Seville and the Real Sociedad, that are those that occupy the first places of the table clasificatoria of First Division.

Cruriosamente, the Athletic of Madrid, that deleted to the Liverpool, valid champion of Champions, would remain out of the competition and would go to the Europe League accompanied of the Getafe. In the zone of descent are the Mallorca, the Leganés and the RCD Espanyol, by what these would be the three teams descended in case to finish the competition today.

  • Europe
  • 1. Barcelona 58
  • 2. Real Madrid 56
  • 3. Seville 47
  • 4. Real Sociedad 46
  • 5. Getafe 46
  • 6. Athletic Madrid 45
  • Descent
  • 18. Mallorca 25
  • 19. Leganés 23
  • 20. Espanyol 20

Premier League

The Liverpool, recently deleted of the Champions League, is the leader stood out of the Premier League and, therefore, the one who would carry the title by the criterion of the Bundesliga, with 27 victories and having yielded only a tie and a defeat. They would accompany him in the League of Champions the Manchester City, the Leicester and Chelsea.

The Manchester United would be the another team that would go to European competition, in this case the Europe League. At present, in the zone of descent, reside the Bournemouth, the Aston Villa and the Norwich, that would be the three descended in case that the competitions finished and decided as they are to day of today.

  • Europe
  • 1. Liverpool 82
  • 2. Manchester City 57
  • 3. Leicester 53
  • 4. Chelsea 48
  • 5. Manchester United 45
  • Descent
  • 18. Bournemouth 27
  • 19. Aston Villa 25
  • 20. Norwich 21

Series To

The Juventus of Turín is the current leader of the Series To and, therefore, would proclaim again champion of the Italian championship in case to decide that the competition finishes as it is. To an alone point, accompanies him the Lazio, that would go to the Champions League beside the Inter of Milan and to the Atalanta. Curiously, this last team attained recently the note to chambers of the League of Champions.

To the Europe League would go the Rome -that the past campaign already classified for this competition- and the Naples, that this campaign played Champions League. To day of today, after the dispute of 26 days, the teams in zone of descent are the Lecce, the SPAL and the Brescia, that would not have been to time to attain the permanence.

  • Europe
  • 1. Juventus 63
  • 2. Lazio 62
  • 3. Inter Of Milan 54
  • 4. Atalanta 48
  • 5. Rome 45
  • 6. Naples 39
  • Descent
  • 18. Lecce 25
  • 19. SPAL 18
  • 20. Brescia 16


The Bayern of Munich, with 55 points, is the current leader of the Bundesliga and the team that would win the championship if finally this could not finish, what would mean that Philippe Coutinho would obtain his third consecutive league after winning it two years with the Barça of Valverde. The Bavarians would be accompanied by Borussia Dortmund, Leipzig and Borussia Mönchengaldbach.

In this case, the teams that would go to Europe League would be the Bayer Leverkusen and the Schalke 04. At present, in zone of descent find Fortuna Dusseldorf, the Werder Bremen and the Paderborn, by what the three teams would descend in case to suspend the German championship.

  • Europe
  • 1. Bayern Of Munich 55
  • 2. Borussia Dortmund 51
  • 3. Leipzig 50
  • 4. Borussia Mönchengaldbach 49
  • 5. Bayer Leverkusen 47
  • 6. Schalke 37
  • Descent
  • 16. Fortuna Dusseldorf 22
  • 17. Werder Bremen 18
  • 18. Paderborn 16

It tie 1

Paris Saint-Germain is the current leader of Tie it 1 French and would obtain again the title if they awarded the prizes according to the positions of the teams to day of today in the competition. New title for Neymar and Mbappé, that recently sealed the pass to quarter-finals of the Champions League after deleting to the Borussia Dortmund.

At present, the Olympique of Marseilles and the Rennes would be the teams that would accompany to the PSG in Champions League, whereas the Lille would go to the Europe League. Curious that a team like the Olympique of Lyon would remain without European competition. In zone of descent, remain the Nimes, the Amiens and the Toulouse.

  • Europe
  • 1. Paris Saint Germain 68
  • 2. Olympique Marseilles 56
  • 3. Rennes 50
  • 4. Lille 49
  • Descent
  • 18. Nimes 27
  • 19. Amiens 23
  • 20. Toulouse

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