Ibrahimovic And Romelu Lukaku are two players that appear in the top of value in total of traspasos


The top 10 of players but costly in total of traspasos

Published:14/08/2021 - 13:57h

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A lot of footballers have carried to the main clubs of Europe to pay millions to be able to have them in his staff. Some have starred the traspasos costlier

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Along the history of the football, there has been traspasos and arrivals of players of a team to gold that have sounded mediáticamente. Well it was by the impact of the same to level mediático, like the arrival of Messi to the PSG, as a lot of other signings of players of renown by the cost of his traspasos.

Now, some of these traspasos have arrived to win a place in the history by the costly that they were, by what here is the list of the traspasos costlier of the history:


Romelu Lukaku Is the footballer that more money has moved in traspasos in the history of the football (327,6 million euros) after Chelsea paid 115 kilos to carry it of the Inter. The 2011, the current champion of the Champions paid to the Anderlecht 15 millions.

In 2013, the blues delivered it yielded to the Everton by 3,5 millions. The toffes, to the following year, paid 35,3 by traspaso. Andn 2017, the United disbursed 84,7 millions by the Belgian and the Inter, two years afterwards invested 74 millions in his traspaso.


Neymar Is the most expensive signing of all time. In 2017 the PSG paid to the Barcelona 227 million euros, to which it is necessary to add what paid the Barcelona for bringing it of the Saints: 88,2 million euros between traspaso and other clauses. Adding all the figures, by Brazilian has invested 310 million euros

Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2009, the Madrid paid 94 millions to the United to turn into it the most expensive signing that had done until then. The combined of the "network devils" six years before, invested 19 millions' by the Portuguese, to the that took out of the Sporting.

In 2018, the Madrid traspasó to Cristiano Ronaldo to the Juventus in return of 117 million euros, according to data of Transfermarkt. In total, the Portuguese attacker has cost 230 million euros.


The traspasos of Morata rondan to the 189 million euros. The Juventus took it out of the Madrid in 2014 by 20 million euros. Afterwards, the Madrid executed his option of repurchase by 30 millon3is. Three years afterwards, Chelsea paid 66 millions by the Madrilenian. The Athletic invested other 18 millions in his cession and executed the option of purchase by 35 millions in 2020. This same summer was yielded to the Juventus by 20 kilos.


Kylian Mbappé Is the fifth player that more money has moved in traspasos in an alone operation: The one who carried him of the Monaco to the PSG in a cession with clause of compulsory purchase by 180 million euros.

I gave María

The Argentinian, and that occupies the sixth box of this top, jumped the puddle from Rosario to the Benfica by 8 million euros in 2007. In 2010 the Madrid paid 33 millions by him. Four years afterwards went to the United in return of 75 millions and, a year afterwards, the PSG invested 63 kilos by him. In total, 179 million euros has moved "the Noodle".


Antoine Griezmann has moved 174 kilos in total. In 2014 the Athletic paid 54 million euros to the Real Sociedad by his traspaso and in in 2019 the Barcelona paid him to the colchoneros 120 millions by the French attacker


The French attacker is another of which more money has moved. The Dortmund paid 35 kilos to the Rennes by him in 2016 and, in 2017, the Barcelona invested 135 million euros by his traspaso, by which has paid a total of 170 millions.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is the big globe-trotter of the elite of the world-wide football. The Swedish forward has moved a total of 169 million euros in 7 traspasos: of the Malmoe to the Ajax (7,8), of the Ajax to the Juve (16), of the Juve to the Inter (24,8), of the Inter to the Barcelona (69,5), of the Barça, first cession and afterwards traspaso to the Milan (24) and of the Milan to the PSG (21). Afterwards also it played in United, Galaxy and Milan, but to the three teams in question arrived free.


By Brazilian have paid 160 million euros in traspasos. The Inter took it out of the Basque gives Range by 2,5 kilos. The Liverpool paid to the Inter 13 millions in 2013 and the Barcelona paid 135 millions by the Brazilian. In 2019 it played yielded in the Bayern by 8,5 millions.

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