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When and where see the party FC Barcelona vs Sampdoria - Gamper 2016

Published:8/08/2016 - 23:23h

Updated:18/08/2016 - 00:59h

Barcelona and Sampdoria confront the Wednesday 10 August in the Camp Nou. The party corresponds to the Trophy Joan Gamper 2016 and will be able to see in direct from the 20:30 hours / 8:30 PM (Spanish hour). To continuation review the international guide of schedules and channels of tv that broadcast live the party

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Barcelona and Sampdoria confront this Wednesday 10 August in the Camp Nou. The meeting corresponds to the Trophy Joan Gamper 2016 and will be offered in direct by Antenna3 and TV3 from the eight and average of the night (Spanish hour). Also it can see on-line through AtresPlayer, that will offer the meeting with access from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Besides, different portals offer to see in streaming the party through his platforms (international signal in open or of payment according to country).

These are the world-wide schedules and the channels of television that broadcast live the Barça-Sampdoria, but if in your country or region does not issue can be still in it direct and to the minute through FCBN: Gamper 2016 IN DIRECT

When and where see the FC Barcelona vs Sampdoria in Spain and Italy
Country Schedule Channel TV
Spain 20:30h PM Antenna3, TV3, AtresPlayer
Italy 20:30h PM s/c


When and where see the Barcelona vs Sampdoria in America
Country Schedule Channel TV
Argentina 3:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
Bolivia 2:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
Brazil 3:30h PM s/c
Canada 2:30h PM s/c
Chile 2:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South, Fox Sports Chile
Colombia 1:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
C.Rich 12:30h PM s/c
Cuba 2:30h PM s/c
Ecuador 1:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
The.Salvador 12:30h PM s/c
States.Joined 2:30h PM Fox Deport
Guatemala 12:30h PM s/c
Honduras 12:30h PM s/c
Mexico 1:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
Nicaragua 12:30h PM s/c
Panama 1:30h PM s/c
Paraguay 2:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
Peru 1:30h PM Fox Sports Cono South
Port.Rico 2:30h PM s/c
R.Dominican 2:30h PM s/c
Uruguay 3:30h PM Fox Sports Uruguay, Fox Sports Cono South
Venezuela 2:00h PM s/c


When and where see the FC Barcelona-Sampdoria in Europe
Country Schedule Channel TV
Albania 20:30h PM SuperSport 2 Digitalb
Germany 20:30h PM s/c
Andorra 20:30h PM TV3
Austria 20:30h PM s/c
Belgium 20:30h PM s/c
Byelorussia 21:30h PM s/c
Bosnia 20:30h PM s/c
Bulgaria 21:30h PM s/c
Croatia 20:30h PM s/c
Cyprus 21:30h PM s/c
Denmark 20:30h PM s/c
Scotland 19:30h PM s/c
Slovakia 20:30h PM s/c
Slovenia 20:30h PM s/c
Spain 20:30h PM Antenna3, TV3, Atresplayer
Estonia 21:30h PM s/c
Finland 21:30h PM s/c
France 20:30h PM s/c
Georgia 22:30h PM s/c
Greece 21:30h PM s/c
Hungria 20:30h PM s/c
Iceland 18:30h PM s/c
Ireland 19:30h PM s/c
Italy 20:30h PM s/c
Latvia 21:30h PM s/c
Lithuania 21:30h PM s/c
Macedonia 20:30h PM s/c
Malta 20:30h PM s/c
Moldavia 21:30h PM s/c
Monaco 20:30h PM s/c
Montenegro 21:30h PM s/c
Holland 20:30h PM s/c
Norway 20:30h PM s/c
Poland 20:30h PM s/c
Portugal 19:30h PM s/c
Realm.Joined 19:30h PM s/c
R.Checa 20:30h PM s/c
Romania 21:30h PM s/c
Russia 21:30h PM s/c
Serbia 20:30h PM s/c
Sweden 20:30h PM s/c
Switzerland 20:30h PM s/c
Turkey 21:30h PM s/c
Ukraine 21:30h PM s/c


When and where see the Barcelona-Sampdoria in Asia
Country Schedule Channel TV
Afghanistan 11:00h PM s/c
Arabia.Saudi 9:30h PM s/c
Armenia 10:30h PM s/c
Azerbaijan 10:30h PM s/c
Bahrain 9:30h PM s/c
Bangladesh 12:30h AM s/c
Cambodia 1:30h AM s/c
China 2:30h AM s/c
Korea.North 3:00h AM s/c
Korea.South 3:30h AM s/c
Emirates.Arabs 10:30h PM s/c
Philippines 2:30h AM s/c
Hong.Kong 2:30h AM s/c
India 12:00h AM s/c
Indonesia 1:30h AM s/c
Iran 11:00h PM s/c
Iraq 9:30h PM s/c
Israel 9:30h PM s/c
Japan 3:30h AM s/c
Jordan 9:30h PM s/c
Kazakhstan 12:30h AM s/c
kuwait 9:30h PM s/c
Laos 1:30h AM s/c
Lebanon 9:30h PM s/c
Malaysia 2:30h AM s/c
Mongolia 3:30h AM s/c
Myanmar 1:00h AM s/c
Oman 10:30h PM s/c
Pakistan 11:30h PM s/c
Palestinian 9:30h PM s/c
Qatar 9:30h PM s/c
Siria 9:30h PM s/c
Tajikistan 11:30h PM s/c
Thailand 2:30h AM s/c
Turkmenistán 11:30h PM s/c
Uzbekistan 11:30h PM s/c
Vietnam 1:30h AM s/c
Yemen 9:30h PM s/c


When and where see the Barcelona vs Sampdoria in Africa
Country Schedule Channel TV
Angola 19:30h PM s/c
Botswana 20:30h PM s/c
Burkina.Faso 18:30h PM s/c
Burundi 20:30h PM s/c
Cameroon 19:30h PM s/c
Chad 19:30h PM s/c
RD.Congo 19:30h PM s/c
Coast.Ivory 18:30h PM s/c
Djibouti 21:30h PM s/c
Egypt 20:30h PM s/c
Eritrea 21:30h PM s/c
Ethiopia 21:30h PM s/c
Gabon 19:30h PM s/c
Gambia 18:30h PM s/c
Ghana 18:30h PM s/c
Guinea 18:30h PM s/c
Guinena.Bissau 18:30h PM s/c
G.Equatorial 19:30h PM s/c
Guyana 14:30h PM s/c
Kenia 21:30h PM s/c
Liberia 18:30h PM s/c
Libia 20:30h PM s/c
Madagascar 21:30h PM s/c
Malawi 20:30h PM s/c
Mali 18:30h PM s/c
Morocco 19:30h PM s/c
Mauritania 18:30h PM s/c
Mozambique 20:30h PM s/c
Namibia 19:30h PM s/c
Niger 19:30h PM s/c
Nigeria 19:30h PM s/c
RC.Áfricana 19:30h PM s/c
R.Congo 19:30h PM s/c
Rwanda 20:30h PM s/c
Senegal 18:30h PM s/c
Somalia 21:30h PM s/c
South Africa 20:30h PM s/c
Sudan 21:30h PM s/c
Tanzania 21:30h PM s/c
Togo 18:30h PM s/c
Tunisia 19:30h PM s/c
Uganda 21:30h PM s/c
Zambia 20:30h PM s/c
Zimbabwe 20:30h PM s/c


When and where see the Barcelona vs Sampdoria in Oceania
Country Schedule Channel TV
Australia 4:30h AM s/c
New.Zelanda 6:30h AM s/c

The party of the Gamper 2016, FC Barcelona vs Sampdoria, will broadcast in several countries and in different channels, but if in your country or region does not issue can be still in it alive through FCBN: FOLLOW GAMPER 2016 IN DIRECT

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