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The Barcelona confronts the greater economic crisis of all his history

Published:25/01/2021 - 22:51h

Updated:26/01/2021 - 11:18h

The group culé today finds sumido in a deep economic crisis that has repercutido in other areas. The evil handle of the accounts and the pandemia have happened bill

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The Barça faces the greater economic crisis of his history. At all it will go back to be as before in the next years. Yesterday it lived in the sky and today is falling to the hell. This prolonged distance by the pandemia of the covid-19 will leave sequelas and will cost to recover all the bonds that existed. The current situation forces to repensar the business of the football and replantear the budgets in front of the brutal fall of income.

The big clubs lived above his possibilities, but the pandemia has cut them the wings, the red numbers appear in all the European leagues and the Barça, far to be the exception, is the most affected. The football, the one who before the arrival of the pandemia was a hen of the eggs of gold is a victim more than the coronavirus.

This hen of the eggs of gold has ingresado in the plant of intensive cares, needs urgently a therapy of cuts salariales and containment of cost. The feasibility of future goes through a thorough budgetary reduction until the stadiums can go back to open.

Wages of players

The current model is not sustainable without a drastic reduction of the wages that earn the footballers. There is not another exit. The alarm has shot in the tesorería of the clubs, the impagados become the norm. Already it fulfilled a year of the arrival of the virus and it is necessary to take urgent measures.

The Barça faces the crisis under minima and with a still greater problem: it Is the club with the mass salarial higher, the one who more suffers. The economic management the three last years has been nefasta and has accumulated an immense debt in the worst possible moment. If the club was a company, already would have presented suspension of payments.

Has to surrender accounts

The covid-19 finished for closing the tap of the ordinary income that needed the Catalan square to guarantee a minimum of economic sustainability. The financial agony is asfixiante by a lot of that delay payments of players and credits. It is necessary to do an auditoria deeper to investigate and esclarecer how arrived to the current situation.

In front of a crisis like this, is indispensable that the partners of the Barça delimit and establish responsibilities. Like owners of the entity have to know with detail the economic situation and his consequences. The tesorería accumulates a bottom of negative manoeuvre of 601,8 millions what will force to the new president to take exceptional measures. The debts, in the short term, surpass the 300 millions.

Other clubs

Any European team has remained exento to suffer the economic crisis that brought the coronavirus. The PSG has presented a report to the French League with some forecasts of losses of 201 millions this season, 60% more than the previous. The Inter of Milan six months ago that does not pay to the players and looks for another owner.

The Bayern Munich went down 25% the budget and in this same percentage the agreements of the cracks. The Real Madrid recessed 15% the index card of his players. The League of Thebes neither happens the best moment since it closed the past exercise with losses. The economic panorama, look by where look , is worrisome. Although it is innegable that the Barça, by previous errors, suffers much more.


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