The players of Barça in the match against Inter Milan


The 1x1 of the Barça players against Inter Milan

Published:3/10/2019 - 01:23h

Updated:25/01/2020 - 23:34h

FC Barcelona got a key comeback against Inter Milan in the second match of the group stage of the Champions League 2019-20. This is the 1x1 of the players in the game in the Camp Nou

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The FC Barcelona had to suffer to win to the Inter of Milan in Champions, but attained a decisive traced back in the Camp Nou. The Catalans flirted with the ghost of the elimination fitting a goal very soon and rondando a defeat that had left them in problems in the Group F, but reacted to time and finish sentencing to the Italians with a doublet of Luis Suárez.

To collective level, the Barcelona have a lot for improving, but the chispazos individual are saving parties. In the horrifying first-half, full of imprecisions in defence and in attack, Nélson Semedo and Marc-André ter Stegen were vital to avoid the goleada against, and after the go through changing rooms, the entrance of Arturo Vidal changed the face to the team and Leo Messi and the Uruguayan noticed it.

The analysis is optimistic because the duel finish with triumph, but follow arriving the warnings and every time there is less margin of error. Urge reconectar Prompt to the team and attain that all this electricity set it up, in case they follow prevailing the distractions, sooner or later will finish paying, and the fight by the titles does not admit titubeos. This is an assessment of the performance of the 13 footballers that were on the lawn in the Day 2 of the phase of groups:

The analysis 1x1 of the Barça against the Inter

  • Ernesto Valverde: Rescued. His approach did waters from the beginning in front of the brave proposal of Antonio Conte, but the extremeño reacted to time before a trip that it had left him more distinguished that never. The pressure did not work to the culés and the disorder gave a lot of occasions on the contrary, that desactivaron with the deployment of Arturo Vidal. The Chilean substituted to Sergio Busquets and improved he solito the attack and the defence, giving the reason to a technician that had to act with urgency in the talk of the rest.
  • Marc-André ter Stegen: Salvador. There is the one who says that the German could do more in the shot of Lautaro Martínez in the 0-1, but his answer to an academic head butt of the Argentinian something later was, a day more, to frame. They rained him the occasions against and little could do to help, although it is precise to mention his security in the exits by high.
  • Sergi Roberto: Unfit. The one of Reus hardly could throw some careers to penetrate the solid defence of five of the lombardos, and sinned of excess of joy in some occasions. It threw in fault that somebody helped to the desbordados Gerard Hammered and Clément Lenglet, a work that corresponded so much to the sides as to the midfield players, that won balance in the second time.
  • Gerard Hammered: Demanded. It saw come that without Romelu Lukaku to his disposal, Conte went to play with forwards bajitos and fast, a profile that precisely does a lot of damage to the espigados central barcelonistas. I hammered it failed before the target of Lautaro Martínez, and so much he like Alexis took him out of quicio in the first-half. In the resumption there were more supports to bale out water, and the defences could breathe calmer.
  • Clément Lenglet: Demanded (2). The French is the perfect partner of the Barcelonan, what does that often they coincide in assessment. Lautaro won him in the body to body of the 0-1, but was attentive in the correction to brake several opportunities interistas. The bombardment only fixed when there were more mates collaborating, what avoided more setbacks in the axis of the saga.
  • Nélson Semedo: Sacrificed. It is very true that for the Portuguese is a torture play in the left band, but it is necessary to recognise that this Wednesday cuajó a partidazo. In spite of that his incorporations to the attack lose effectiveness when it is to leg changed, his speed was key to brake the contras of Lautaro and Alexis, and even when the Inter lost bellows dared with some dangerous centres of left-handed.
  • Frenkie Of Jong: Disordered. It is difficult to criticise to the excellent Dutch midfield player, but the true is that it infected of the general unrest in a crash with two faces. Before the rest was out of place, precipitated and imprecise, but like the rest, grew with the entrance of Arturo Vidal. The Chilean allowed him make his usual game, helping to Arthur in the creation and breaking with passes and exits in speed and contributing in the defensive balance.
  • Sergio Busquets: Overwhelmed. The one of Badia follows handling the tactics like a world-wide star, but the physicist does not forgive and the muscle of the majority of opponents shatters him. It results significant that the best version of the Barça arrived when it was substituted, by Arturo Vidal that it still has a deployment that he no longer possesses. It is necessary to find him a place and dosificarle even more, because insist with his presence can happen bill.
  • Arthur: Increasing. The Brazilian also appreciated that the 'king Arturo' jumped to the terrain of game, because had more options of pass and could direct the orchestra with more tranquility. In his boots was the most dangerous occasion of the first time, and withdrew the foot in the last instant not to commit a possible penalti. Beside Of Jong, has to be the base for the centre of the field.
  • Leo Messi: Taking rhythm. The Argentinian needs to tune after long stopped, but in this commitment offered better feelings that in the previous. In the first part did not find solutions to the orderly wall of the Inter and only could try a pair of far and tame shots, but when Vidal allowed him run attracted rival and gave assistances that went determinants in the traced back.
  • Luis Suárez: Precise. The Uruguayan happened big part of the clash shut between three head offices and treating to give back passes of backs to door, but the key was when at last it could put of face to the arch. The one of Jump always is when it needs him and his were the so many of the traced back in two played of a lot of carats. First with a volley magistral and afterwards with a control oriented that seated to Diego Godín and allowed him beat to Samir Handanovic.
  • Antoine Griezmann: Stray. The analyses of the footballer of Macon are always the same, but is that plant him in left band is to cancel him from beginning to end. The ex of the Athletic of Madrid tries it, moves and is one of which more runs in the recovery, but is clear that the Barça no him fichó for this. If it does not find solution to his evils, without desborde and without angle of shot serves rather of little.
  • Arturo Vidal: Revolutionary. Few times an alone change has served for so much, but is that the route of the Chilean was the salvation of the Barça. Valverde Entered him by the desfondado Busquets and the one of Santiago adjusted defence and attack in hardly some minutes. Arthur and Of Jong stepped backwards and remained free to create, steal and direct, and Messi and Suárez advanced with a mate that gave passes, exits and on saved them the backs. His was the assistance to the charrúa in the 1-1.
  • Ousmane Dembélé: Brave. The Frenchman had some minutes after his injury, and showed that in full form would be an active very useful for the culés. It tried it with a pair of derechazos far, the first with more danger that the second, that was too diverted. With field to run is a weapon to take into account.

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