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The aspects in which Gavi must improve to be one of the best in the world

Published:6/03/2023 - 19:17h

Updated:6/03/2023 - 19:21h

Gavi is one of the best youngsters in the world and has 'wood' of authentic 'crack'. He is a top starter both at Barça and in the Spanish team, and no one doubts that the future is his. However, contrary to Pedri, he is not yet one of the best midfielders on the planet and must improve in various aspects to make that leap.

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Pablo Martín Páez Gaviria, for all the world of the football, Gavi, is to his tender 18 years titularísimo in the FC Barcelona and in the Spanish selection. Very few players in the history can boast to having achieved so much in so little time like the one of The Palaces, that has put from his irruption the past season between the best talents of the planet.

But, it is already the '6' culé a star? The answer to this question is very relative, but being indisputable in all a Barça and with Spain could say that it is it. What is not the Spanish in spite of his quality and his brutal explosion is one of the best midfield players of the world. But, which footballer of near to his age is 'top' in his position? The reality is that they would go out very few names that with less than 20 years already were between the 'creme' of the 'creme'.

Comparisons 'odiosas' between Gavi and Pedri

The problem for the sevillano is that to his side, sharing centre of the field with him, yes there is a 'jewel' that with 19 years already was one of the ten better means of the world and at present can that it already was in the 'top 5' or 'top 3'. Pedri González (20) is one 'rare avis' in this, the same that it can be it Jude Bellingham (19) that also is already between the 'big'. But in the case of the Canarian is even more significant, since it does in all a Barcelona where is the 'thermometer', the 'brain' and the total leader by which happens the offensive game of his team.

With a so precocious talent and inusitado like the one of Pedri, to Gavi see him even more the lacks that is totally natural to have to his 18 years. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clear that in spite of being mediocampistas, both are footballers entirely distinct, with different qualities and different roles on the field. Thus, to the canterano culés no can him demand neither now neither never have the sense of the game of his mate or his brutal vision of game.

Pedri y Gavi celebran un gol en el Camp Nou

Once left clear this it is necessary to go in to value what is the Andalusian like player to day of today. The international by Spain could say that it is a species of 'box to box' with a lot of physicist in spite of his little more than 1,70 m to the that is very difficult to remove him the balloon by his big inferior train and by his individual quality. In defence is a 'dog of prey' that does not leave of 'bite' to the rivals in pressure, that does not give a balloon by stray and that marks the difference for his. In fact, regarding personality and defensivamente speaking, on the contrary that in attack, yes could say that it is 'top' world-wide.

By his physicist, his character, his good deal of balloon and his 'mordiente' without him, Gavi is titularísimo for Xavi Hernández and a very important footballer for the FC Barcelona. However, to be differential in the offensive game still goes to have to pulir some appearances of his football, work in others and follow improving those that already has.

Appearances to improve to be one of the best

In the first place, with the agile that is and the powerful that can be in driving, has to step of face to goal, just as it has given it Pedri. The one of The Palaces moves and desmarca very well to the back of the defences, and has to take advantage of these movements to do more goals. In this sense, although it does not have a big shot, has showed that it is the sufficiently good as so that it try it more. If it happened of it can them that of 3 to 5 goals with which will finish this course between all the competitions -great two right now- to 8-10 targets will turn into a 'top' world-wide definitely.

Gavi celebrando su gol en la Supercopa

Besides, to give another jump like footballer, to Gavi has to him demand that it risk more in his game. Although it does not have the vision of for example Pedri, yes has the quality as to give more with balloon. It has to test more passes to the space that generate advantages to his mates and does not have to limit to the horizontal pass, of the that abuses right now. Already it has showed that it can give more than what gives in this sense, but to do it is indispensable that leave to go to the safe and take risks.

In relation to go a step further also is the little use that gives him to his drivings. Although it does it much less of what has to, has left clear that has a big change of rhythm and that it is powerful and habilidoso when it goes out with the ball controlled. It can 'break' lines with ease thanks to this and when it does it this is 'gold' for the Barça by the quantity of advantages and contras that generates. It has to learn to use this quality more often, since it has it of innate form.

It has to have more self-supervision

Finally, also it goes to have to work in the control of his own temperament to the hour to go in to the rivals. This course already adds nine yellow cards in total and the true is that it could have received some more. The sevillano goes with everything and never saves at all when it wants to recover the spherical, but precisely by this risks to that him piten a lot of faults that could be cardboard.

El árbitro le saca una amarilla a Gavi

This campaign, luckily, still have not expelled him, although it lost the turn of the playoff of the Europe League in front of the United by sanction and would not be of extrañar that sometime finish him showing a red. It has to learn to camuflar better the hardest entrances and to not going always so to the limit. If it achieves to find a balance in this appearance and improvement in all the already commented points, goes to be definitely one of the best means of the planet during a lot of years.

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