Neymar Jr, celebrating the traced back harvested against the PSG


In Madrid say that the PSG will pay 222 millions by Neymar

Published:17/07/2017 - 20:13h

Updated:17/07/2017 - 20:13h

Little they have taken from the Spanish capital in ensuring that Paris Saint-Germain already has prepared the 222 million the clause of Neymar Jr to credit them to the FC Barcelona in the case that the Brazilian player accept to do the cases

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If the last information of the newspaper "Marks" is in the true, Paris Saint-Germain will have maddened. From the quoted half Madrilenian ensure that the French group would be had to credit the 222 million euros of the clause of Neymar Jr with the FC Barcelona, something unthinkable and that would convert to the Brazilian star of long in the most expensive signing of the history of the football.

In fact, practically it would bend what paid in his day by Gareth Bleat or Paul Pogba, in an operation that would enrich economically to the FC Barcelona but that would do him lose to one of his best players of present and future, that beside Luis Suárez and Leo Messi is able to form a lethal connection of face to the contrary goal, complementing with them.

According to "Mark", now would be missing that Neymar Jr give the OK to the operation to do the cases and turn into the big star of Paris Saint-Germain, something that does not foresee that it go to suceder taking into account the happy that is "Ney" to follow dressing the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona, after having renewed does some months and have ensured by active and by passive that it wants to follow dressing a lot of years the equipación culé.

The FC Barcelona will not lose to Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr Will not move of the Camp Nou this summer, although from some means and places of the world try to throw firewood to the fire to the subject for desestabilizar so much to the Brazilian star of the FC Barcelona as to the team in general lines.

Ernesto Valverde has the security to explain of face to the next season with a footballer that took out of quicio to his ex players in more than an occasion during the parties that the Barça contested against the Athletic of Bilbao. Possibly the player more desequilibrante of the planet in the one against one beside Leo Messi, in a magic tuning that the barcelonismo will be able to follow enjoying. In spite of the rumours.

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