McGregor is the king of the income


McGregor defeats to Messi and Christian without giving neither a hit

Published:14/05/2021 - 08:39h

Updated:14/05/2021 - 08:39h

McGregor displaced of the first places in income to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the list Forbes of millionaire sportsmen

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Forbes Commissions every year to reveal which are the sportsmen with greater quantity of income in the world, a that Messi and Cristiano always had in his head and aimed in the aims. See them between the first five was common and only athlete like Federer, Hamilton or Lebron James arrived them to surpass mainly thanks to a model of income totally distinct to the that exists in the football.

This time, keep between the first but a new actor appeared to displace them and treats of Connor McGregor, the fighter of Mixed Martial Arts that premières like leader of this table in which besides, the player of the Barça left backwards to Cristiano Ronaldo to award a small additional victory against the Portuguese.

Although McGregor is now the number one of the ránking, also is true that the income without very shoot precisely by the economic model that mentions to the beginning, since the sportive merits are not precisely the bridge that carried to the fighter to plant like the leader in gains.

Only 22 million dollars by sportive concepts appear in his accounts, whereas by additional payments between which the advertising predominates, rises until 158 million dollars, an unthinkable figure for another sportsman although it is very common in the peleadores, with Mayweather like big example.

Messi reached the 97 millions in the sportive and 33 out of the field for a total of 130 million dollars, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo adds 70 millions like footballer and 50 millions like image, for a total of 120 million dollars.

Neymar, again third

76 like footballer and 19 like image were the income of Neymar, that rounded in 95 million dollars and went the only footballer that could put in the top 10 apart from the usual Christian and Messi.

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