Takefusa Kubo, new player of the Real Madrid


Takefusa Kubo, on that they compare him with Messi: "it honours Me, but still I am not to this level"

Published:15/06/2019 - 11:58h

Updated:15/06/2019 - 11:58h

The Real Madrid did official this Friday the signing of Takefusa Kubo, Japanese star of 18 years that in his day played in the formative football of the FC Barcelona. The Asian attacker conceded an interview in which it spoke of his past and of his future

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This Friday, the Real Madrid has done official the signing of Takefusa Kubo, Japanese attacker that, to his 18 years, already is a star in the Japanese country. It arrived in return of two million euros, pertinent of the Tokyo FC and, by his enormous talent and his qualities, already is being compared with Leo Messi. Nevertheless, it wanted to escape of these comparisons.

"It is something to be very proud and honours me, but still am not to this level. Want to centre me in improving the skills that have now", commented, on the comparisons that do him with the star of the FC Barcelona in a press conference of the Glass America, in which Japan is one of the countries invited. 

Besides, in an interview for Goal, spoke about his past culé, since it formed part of the inferior categories of the Masia. "I saw a brochure that said 'If you turn you into the best of the camp, will be able to play a party with the Barcelona', aimed me. The camp was longer of what thought. Then they carried me to play that party and said me that it could happen a proof. And like this it was. All was quite well", explained.

"In the end of my stage in the Barça had a bad time"

Finally, the current player of the Real Madrid fulfilled his dream to be able to fulfil the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona. "It was a boy without fear. Only it thought that they went me to give an opportunity to play to the football with people that was good in this. At all more", it explained the Japanese footballer copper his arrival to the Masia.

But everything twisted because of the incumplimiento of the rule of signings of minors that did him return to Asia. "No all was well. Especially already to the end, when it was not summoned to play had a bad time. Although it could not play it had to go to see the parties, and saw to my mates playing and winning, but could not be totally happy. So when I went back to Japan and could go back to play, really felt me very happy", manifested.

Tamién Spoke about his future, that now has dyed with the white colour of the Real Madrid. "Regarding the football, always wish to be in the top. I am more centred in the next step forward that in my own future, and attempt not spending efforts in this. If it results, then how I see it and until where I will be able to arrive? I see my potential and attempt go up the stairs step by step, stair to stair", aimed.

The adaptation of Takefusa Kubo to LaLiga

Takefusa Kubo ensured that the Japanese mentality facilitates him the adaptation. "I think that the Japanese can be upper by his mentality. The Japanese can be better by his way to assimilate the strategies and follow the orders strictly like any another. Even so, I felt that the Spanish has a wider repertoire to do things improvised that anybody has said him", concluded.

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