Lionel Messi during his official presentation like player of the PSG


The 10 more stood out sentences of Messi in his presentation with the PSG

Published:11/08/2021 - 19:28h

Updated:11/08/2021 - 19:28h

Lionel Messi already has been presented like new player of the Paris Saint-Germain, and insisted in his ambition to win the Champions League

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Lionel Messi was presented this Wednesday like new player of the Paris Saint-Germain. Afterwards to land this Tuesday to the city of Paris to sign his new agreement of two seasons and a third optional, to the time was subjected to a bathroom of masses in the Park of the Princes, in the first presentation that Read lives in his professional career.

The ex footballer of the FC Barcelona, appeared in a very followed press conference before making the protocolarias photos with his new T-shirt of the PSG, with the dorsal 30 in the back, same number with which did his professional debut in the Barça. Like this, it marks a new beginning.Like this, it marks a new beginning. During his presentation, have been able to stand out 10 sentences in the appearance of the Argentinian star in the room of press of the Park of the Princes.

"Hard" exit of the Barça

"I am very happy. All know my exit of the FC Barcelona, that was very hard because they are a lot of years and is difficult the change after so much time, but now my happiness is enormous. I want that it happen all this fast and andmpezar to train because I am enjoying it a lot from the first day that arrived."

Ambition to win

"It was a difficult situation to fix in so little time. I am happy to be here and am ilusionado. Have the illusion and win them to follow winning and therefore I come to this club because it is an ambitious club. I see the technical body and the staff that have and see that they are prepared to try to struggle by everything. My aim is to keep growing, follow giving steps and follow won titles".

Neymar And Mbappé

"Play with Neymar and Mbappé is a madness. They have done spectacular signings. A lot of illusion for beginning to train and to compete. I will do it with the best and this always is beautiful and beautiful".

Message to the fans of the Barça

"Before going me did not know where went me to go. Always I go to be appreciated by the affection, is my casto. They were a lot of years, a lot of things lived, good and bad. They knew that it went to go to a team known, strong, with possibilities by the Champions. They know that I am a winner and that went to go to a competitive team. I do not know if we go us to confront. If it happens, for me it goes to be beautiful to go back to Barcelona, and ojalá was with people. It goes to be very rare, go to my house with another T-shirt, but is football can happen. We will see."

Debut with the PSG

"I do not know it. I come on holiday, more than an unemployed month. Yesterday I saw to Pochettino and to the technical body. Surely it have to do a pre-season only, begin to train me well and when it was prepared to begin to play. I expect that it was the before possible because have many win, but can not say a date. As it go me feeling and the technical body decide that it is the moment."

Emotions of the last days

"All what happened me this last week was hard and fast, but also thrilling. Without leaving at the side all what touched me live and what happened. But on the other hand ilusionado by this new stage that touches me live to me and to my family. It touched me go through these feelings but were assimilating them. Anybody is prepared for this".

Message to the fans of the PSG

"It was a madness. There will be time to see us and have contact with the people. Ojalá Was an extraordinary year for them and for us also to sportive level".

Win the Champions

"There are times that can have the best team of the world and not winning. Sometimes the small details can leave you was. We know the difficult that is the Champions and the PSG also knows it, was very cerquita. It is a competition in which they are the best and is difficult to win it. It is necessary to be a group joined, a strong group and think that go it to be in this changing room by what sees from out. And also it does fault a bit of luck, as in everything in the football. But no always it wins the best. It is a special competition and is this what does it so beautiful and important, therefore all the world wants it."

"It is a team that is fact, further of the signings that have done . I come to help, to try to give the maximum. With a lot of illusion and more win that never. My illusion and my dream is to raise another Champions and think that have arrived to the ideal place to have more chance to achieve it".

Reunion with Neymar

"Have people known inside the changing room. Seeing the staff that there is one ilusiona and thinks that can achieve the aim. With Neymar looked for the aim before being separate and expect that we can achieve it now together. One of the causes to come was the changing room, with Ney, Gave María, Walls... This did a lot to choose this place."

The French football

"The French league grew a lot of in the last years. It is more competitive. Después of so much time in a place will have new rival".

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