Ernesto Valverde, during a training with the FC Barcelona


The plan of Valverde so that Messi follow shining in the Barça

Published:13/07/2017 - 19:30h

Updated:13/07/2017 - 22:13h

The new trainer of the FC Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, has it clear: when something works, the best is to not to touch it. If it wishes that Leo Messi follow marvelling to base of goals, assistances and brilliant game, will have to give him total freedom on the lawn

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If something works, better not to touch it. It is an international premise that Ernesto Valverde does not want to distort with Leo Messi, the best player of the history and the main reason by which the FC Barcelona has lived and follows living the best sportive stage since it founded in 1899.

The new trainer of the FC Barcelona will see closely to the players this pre-season 2017, his mechanisms of game and the possible adaptation of some of them to other positions in which they still could surrender more.

Leo Messi began playing in the position of extreme, but from does years has an absolute freedom in the flank of attack that Ernesto Valverde does not wish to alter, with the Argentinian going down equally this next season until the centre of the field to elaborate game when the team need it, as long as the half field follow the same of dense.

Leo Messi, absolute freedom in the FC Barcelona

"Train to Messi is a luck for me, an only experience can train to the best player as it is Messi. For me it is the best player that have seen never in a terrain of game. I know that with him it seems that it arrives to a tope but always surprises you and the next day improves even more".

"I expect to enjoy of his game and my idea is to help him to improve or to keep , if there is something that improve, and to enjoy of this experience to be with him", said Valverde weeks backwards, during his press conference of presentation with the Barça.

It knows that the "10" is determinant in any position, and therefore it is not concerned in this appearance. "Messi is determinant in any position that play. Now I will be able to it enjoy from inside, because I never had up to now a player that situate where situate can decide a party. It is true that conditions to the rest of the team, but does it of positive form". Messi, therefore, will follow having absolute freedom.

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