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Tostao Criticises to Neymar and puts to Messi like model to be followed

Published:21/06/2019 - 21:18h

Updated:21/06/2019 - 21:18h

The one who went one of the idols of the best Brazil of the history, Tostao, has conceded an interview in which it has spoken of Neymar Jr, Leo Messi, Peeled and Maradona, in addition to valuing positively the apparition of a player like Arthur in Brazil

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Eduardo Gonçalves of Andrade, Tostao for almost all the world, went champion of the world with Brazil in 1970. It shined beside I Peeled in the best 'canarinha' of the history, but unfortunately had to put end to his career futbolística to the 26 years, because of a problem in the eye. Then it returned to the studies and, after finalising them, finish exerting of doctor during more than 20 years.

It is therefore a voice authorised on the football, the fame and how can affect this in the life of a person. In a recent interview conceded to 'El País', has smashed into Neymar Jr when considering that it has not had a good attitude in the last times, although it signals that it still is to time to change. "I think that it has had an unnecessary and irresponsible behaviour. It lives of the fame. It has come very up, it seems a popstar... And all this has been bad for his career. But they are the elections of the youngsters of nowadays. They are very different to the ones of the past", explains.

"By more than Messi do not win at all with his selection, for me will be the best of the history after Peeled"

"And it is not the only", continues. "There are other famous people, footballers or no, that has a similar behaviour. Messi is an exception. The majority carry an irresponsible life, full of problems", adds, planting to Leo Messi like role model. In spite of everything, does not think that Neymar Jr there is fracasado neither much less. "How it goes to fracasar? I have seen almost all his parties in the Saints, in the Barcelona and in the PSG. Almost all. And in almost all, played very well and was the figure. Every time that see to a his party, even with Brazil, is like this. How can say that fracasó?", question.

But it is to years light of the best player of the world, that for Tostao is Leo Messi. "The best player of the world is clearly Messi. It is very complete. It is a magistral pasador of balloons, is a magistral artilleryman, is a magistral regateador... Very complete. Cristiano Ronaldo, instead, is a magistral finalizador. Cristiano is more complete like finalizador and Messi like player. Only, that, with the selection, has not had the opportunity to win something important. It is so good that there is part of the Brazilian fans that wants that it win the Glass America", ensures Tostao.

It puts to Leo Messi by in front of Diego Armando Maradona, although underneath of Peeled. "If only we analyse them technically, Messi is better that Maradona. It has been more regulate, has played more than 10 years to a very high level, has done more goals, has given more passes… Is much more complete. Diego was more artistic, was a Ronaldinho improved. But like Maradona won the World-wide, went the best player in Mexico and did the most beautiful goal of the history, is normal that for a lot of Argentinians Diego was upper to Messi".

"Neymar Lives of the fame. It has come very up, it seems a popstar..."

"By more than Leo do not win at all with his selection for me will be the best of the history after Peeled", signals Tostao, that argues to continuation his words: "I Peeled had something that Messi does not have, the physical strength. It was a bull. When it needed it, it pushed to the defenders, bumped them. Had a lot of technician, skill and creativity, as it has it Messi, but was stronger. And when the things did not go out well, Peeled put like a fiera. Messi is calmer in this sense".

Simultaneously, Tostao has spoken on Arthur Melo and has gladdened that they can appear players like this in Brazil, taking into account that lately escaseaban. "It is a hope. It is a renaissance of this football that had been abandoned. It is an example of the new tentativa, we lacked Xavi, of an Iniesta, of a Kroos".

Sudamérica, expert in generating forwards

And it is that to Sudamérica, according to Tostao, has cost him form to players of touch and creation. "It is a problem sudamericano. Abandon the midfield is to abandon the creation of the football. The big example of what meant to play with midfield players was the Barcelona of Guardiola". In what it is expert the football sudamericano, this yes, is in generating forwards. "The football sudamericano produces to exceptional footballers in attack like Neymar, Suárez, Ronaldo, Cavani... To Messi costs me put it in this list because it was created in the Barcelona. Players with a lot of goal", concludes Tostao, that does not plant to Aergentina between the favourites to win the Glass America 2019.

"The selections sudamericanas are many better proportionally of what is the football sudamericano. His best players are in Europe. The selections sudamericanas, then, approximate to the Europeans. Colombia is a good team, Uruguay also. Argentina no... Because has big problems". Reason does not be missing him.

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