Suárez goes back to smash into Koeman by his controversial exit of the Barça


Luis Suárez lives the best performance of his career to his 34 years!

Published:26/10/2021 - 19:55h

Updated:26/10/2021 - 19:55h

Luis Suárez, footballer of the Athletic of Madrid in his first 50 parties, already equalises the goals that had done like player of the FC Barcelona

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Right now, Luis Suárez is the big offensive resource of the Athletic of Madrid. They happen the years by him but do not happen the goals, neither the performance. With 34 years, the Uruguayan has commissioned to resolve any debate with the numbers in the hand, his more effective answer for those that want to withdraw him ahead of time.

"Suárez is one of the best forwards of the world, has a hierarchy like few. Many would change him in the final minutes, but at the end always is here to mark", reflexionaba recently Diego Simeone. "It is clear that Luis keeps on being one of the best forwards of the world in the area, this does not forget ", commented Beautiful after the victory in Getafe does some months, in which the Uruguayan was key.

During the past course, the ex forward of the FC Barcelona was key. His contribution in goals converted directly in points: 23 of the 86 that gave him the title to the Athletic went out in scoop of his boots. And in the moment more apremiante of the Athletic, answered by the team, and went precisely in the last parties to define the championship, snatching it of the harps to the Real Madrid.

That is to say, that with the three points in front of the Getafe and his two goals in front of the Real Sociedad, are already 27 the direct points that has given him the Uruguayan with his so many. To this adds him that, with his goal in Milan in the time added, in Champions League, awarded him other three in this competition. In total, already accumulates 30 points thanks to his decisive goals.

His higher performance

Suárez, by numbers, is in the best moment of his career. According to the proportionate data by Bessocer Pro, in his first 50 parties with the Athletic has done 28 goals, that is the same quantity that did with the FC Barcelona in the first hundred of parties in the Catalan club. And they are eight more than which did with the Liverpool in these first 50 parties and three more than which did in the Ajax.

In the present campaign by LaLiga, adding 571 minutes in nine parties, has delivered an assistance and only has marked one of his goals of penalti and has done six in total (of the seven that carries). For this has needed 16 shots, that is to say that annotates a goal each 2,6 finish.

Specific work

The physical work, alimentary cares and rest are the keys of his success. Like this it explained it the own player in words to ESPN: "Have a lot of hours that lose me to be with my children for trying be well physically to follow surrendering to the maximum. These efforts go changing the times and one goes being conscious of the age, of the physical state and of the performance that wants to give. Now I need this preventive physical work to be still in form".

"To the 25 or 27 had annoyances and said 'with this does not happen at all'. Today all this influences and it is necessary to have another personal care. The feeding changed a lot. The rice with milk of the Celestial Complex see it happen nomás. And after each party the ice cream with sweet of milk is, but one goes knowing what can eat and what no. You go learning. The generation of today is learning all this", signalled Suárez on the change of his feeding and routines.

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