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Ramos achieved the 'record' for yellows in the Champions in one night to forget

Published:6/05/2021 - 09:03h

Updated:6/05/2021 - 09:04h

Sergio Ramos already has the dubious honor of being the most booked player in the history of the Champions League after the yellow card he received against Chelsea. A night to forget the one from Beds, who was one of the weakest in his team

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Eden Hazard and Zinedine Zidane 'saved' to Sergio Bouquets in Stamford Bridge. The sevillano, recently recovered of his injury, was to title in the turn of semifinals and had a performance that left a lot that wish. Luckily for him, the Belgian surely was still worse that he and his trainer also was a disaster by his approach and decisions. Thanks to this, the captain has saved of a lot of criticisms that probably deserves .

But before going in to value his meeting, fits to stand out that the camero attained a record this past Wednesday. The Andalusian did triplete and turned into the player with more yellow cards of the history of the Champions League with 38. A doubtful honour that does him agrandar his legend in this section, the same that it occurred him in LaLiga and in his own club, where also is the most admonished footballer of always.

The cardboard that received Bouquets was, by the way, more than avoidable, since almost it was not neither the balloon at stake. Justo when it was taking out a corner, the defence had his more and his less with Mason Mount and finished removing it of on with a strong push after a struggle in the area of Chelsea. Daniele Orsato did not doubt in admonishing him with his first yellow in this Champions and the 38 in his European career.

But further of this at all surprising record, the night of the '4' was to forget from beginning to end. It saw him out of form from the minute one and suffered a lot every time that it had to play to open field in front of the forwards of Chelsea. It won few individual duels, went him in more than an occasion and saw him out of place regarding the 'blues' gave them for running in transition.

The feeling that left the meeting of Bouquets was that it would not have to have played. Éder Militao Saved him in several crosses and even Nacho Fernández was enough solider that he. In fact, this couple of head offices was the one who carried to the whites to the semifinals with some spectacular quarter-finals of both against the Liverpool, and for many would owe to having been the defenders titled of the team in Stamford Bridge.

Zidane made a mistake betting by Bouquets

Zidane preferred to bet by a system of three head offices only to put to the sevillano, but did not go him well neither the election of the system neither give him the titularity to his captain. The technician made a mistake trusting he and the Madrid suffered the consequences. The defence, in fact, went out in the photo of the 1-0 of Werner going to the floor and losing the duel with him before the definition of Havertz. In definite, a party to forget for a player that finish agreement this summer and that it could have sacked of the Champions with the T-shirt of the Real.

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