The players of the Real Madrid celebrating the title of League and agreeing of Hammered

The ones of the Madrid, pillados

The "lordship" of the Madrid abuses to Hammered in the celebration

Published:22/05/2017 - 09:14h

Updated:22/05/2017 - 16:08h

"I hammered, cabrón, greets to the champion", sang the players of the Real Madrid and the fans merengue, that so much pregona of good modal and of a lordship that carry years looking for. Also there were insults and pranks against of the Athletic in Cibeles

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After achieving his second League in nine years, the players of the Real Madrid and his fans comported cual team segundón in the celebration of the trophy in Cibeles. The first agreeing of Gerard Hammered with offensive chants, the second jaleándoles of disproportionate form.

It is by all this that many asked "Where are the famous values of the Real Madrid this Sunday?", those by which from the Plateau take out breast. Those of which all the world speaks, but that anybody has seen never.

"I hammered, cabrón, greets to the champion", went the chant pronounced by the footballers of the white team, where find a lot of mates of selection like Sergio Bouquets. Neither they remained better unemployed players and fans agreeing of the Athletic of Madrid.

"Memory" of the Madrid to the Athletic

As footballers and bloated entonaron the "Indians, say me what feels ", in reference to the regrettable tifo of the party of gone of the semifinals of the Champions League. In conclusion, players and fans left to the height of the vetún to an entity that no longer will be able to speak more than his sportsmanship or values, as anybody will believe them.

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