Benzemá And Zidane, in Real Madrid's game against the Athletic


Real Madrid suffers, but they won against Athletic and keep fighting for LaLiga (3-1)

Published:15/12/2020 - 23:53h

Updated:16/12/2020 - 00:25h

The Real Madrid achieved to win, with controversy, in the visit of the Athletic Bilbao to Alfredo Gave Stefano, with goals of Kroos and Benzemá, in front of the so much of Dandruffs

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The Real Madrid has not left any signal of the good level that showed in the last week, in which it lived three finals in front of the Seville, Monchengladbach and Athletic of Madrid and went out victorious in the three. In front of the Athletic Bilbao, the image that left the team directed by Zinedine Zidane was very poor and left a lot of doubts, especially with the decisions of the French technician. In Valdebebas, the madridistas suffered in the victory 3-1 in front of the Athletic.

The visitors began the meeting very enchufados, in front of a Madrid that was not fine in the preparation of played. The absence of Casemiro, that fulfilled sanction by accumulation of yellow, has gone back to punish to the ones of Concha Spine. It is not casualidad that when the madridistas have won, has been the Brazilian midfield player in the field.

The ones of Gaizka Garitano went out with spirits to complicate him the existence to the Real Madrid. And it go that they attained it. From the beginning, the near pressure to the area defended by Thibaut Courtois was evident, but several controversies changed the course of the meeting. The first yellow of the party, for example, arrived to the seven minutes of the meeting and conditioned the rest of the meeting. An entrance -very take- of Raúl García to Toni Kroos forced to Gil Manzano to show him the first yellow. Seven minutes afterwards, sent it to the street by a new pisotón to the German.

But the controversy did not stop there. A gift of the referee (and VAR) avoided that -probably- the Athletic advanced before. Dani Carvajal Committed a clear fault in the area on Iñaki Williams and neither Gil Manzano neither the VAR considered that it was worth it maximum, although it was very strong the entrance of the right side. From there, the Real Madrid grew and went of less to more.

The first time went to culminate without a lot of options of face to the goal, but Toni Kroos went out to the rescue of the Real Madrid. In the extra time, after a corner, the balloon remained divided and the German midfield player did of his to mark an authentic golazo. Kroos Hunted the balloon and took out a shot with the right, impossible to detain for Unai Simón.

The Athletic empató, but Benzemá dressed of hero

The ones of Garitano began the second equal part that in the first-half and the Real Madrid, with the marker in favour, relaxed too much. In the 52', after a big played of Ander Layer by the right band, after doing a wall with Iñaki Williams, planted only in front of Courtois and to the second, put the balloon to the goal of the Belgian goalkeeper. The joy did not last him a lot to the visitors because, once again, Karim Benzemá carried the weight of the team to his back and dressed again of hero.

After a centre from the right band of Dani Carvajal, that served after a kickoff of fast corner of Marco Asensio, the French cabeceó hammered to advance again to the whites in the electronic. Instead of going down the policeman, the Athletic continued insisting of face to the area merengue and was very near to achieve the tie. The eleven players madridistas were shut in his field and the ones of Garitano did with the possession of the balloon, but stamped in front of a Courtois that had a paradón in the closing of the meeting.

Vesga Achieved despistar to the defence merengue and planted in a hand manually with the guardameta. The goal was almost sung, but Courtois covered it and gave start to that Karim Benzemá sentenced definitively the party. The ariete French received a big pass of Luka Modric and crossed the balloon for agrandar the difference in the marker and give him the three points to the ones of Zidane that they put him in the fight by the leadership of LaLiga, beside the Real Sociedad and the Athletic of Madrid. The merengues now add 26 units, the same that have to the ones of Simeone and Imanol Bailiff in the highest of the classification.

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