Leo Messi, Neymar Jr and Antoine Griezmann, in the cover of 'L'Équipe'


In France hallucinate the "deliriums of greatness" of the FC Barcelona

Published:26/06/2019 - 17:36h

Updated:26/06/2019 - 17:37h

L'Équipe has devoted his cover of this Wednesday to the FC Barcelona and his "deliriums of greatness", as it has defined the Barcelona will to do with the signings of Neymar Jr and Antoine Griezmann. The rotary Frenchman thinks that the operation is possible

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In France observe with astonishment the possible attack of the FC Barcelona of face to the next season 2019-20, and especially the possibility that the group culé do with the signings of Neymar Jr and Antoine Griezmann this summer. The newspaper L'Équipe think that treats of a double complex operation but feasible, as long as the FC Barcelona was had to struggle by her to the end.

"Deliriums of greatness", is as it has titled the French newspaper his cover, planting the image of Leo Messi with a gesture of surprise and, just behind, to Griezmann and Neymar Jr like his bodyguards. It does not appear in the cover Luis Suárez, when understanding L'Équipe that the charrúa would remain in the bench if they arrive the Brazilian and the French, since it would be difficult that Ernesto Valverde decided to play with four forwards.

The case is that the French press is convinced that the Barça will try the double operation, although it knows that it will have to row by Neymar Jr until convincing to Paris Saint-Germain of an agreement. Griezmann Will be the first of the two in arriving with total security, according to the quoted newspaper and the last informations of the Catalan press, when having agreed the Barça pay his clause of 120 million euros on 1 July.

When it arrive Griezmann, already only will remain to put all the efforts in repescar to Neymar Jr. For this, the Barça will need that the Brazilian pronounce publicly and tighten to the Parisian leaders to abandon the club. L'Équipe ensures that the heavy weights of the Barça would be very happy with the hypothetical arrival of Neymar, especially Leo Messi and Luis Suárez.

The call 'MSN' keeps opened the communication by means of a group of Whatsapp, and although now surely that they do not chat with frequency by fault of the Glass America 2019, when the tournament sudamericano finish is likely that Neymar reveal his pretences to Leo Messi and Luis Suárez to go back to get dressed with the equipación Barcelona.

The PSG will not put eases in the traspaso of Neymar

In the PSG will accept the course of the Brazilian, but only if it is by a figure that do not do them remain in ridiculous. Here it is where the FC Barcelona could play with the letter of Coutinho and, perhaps, with the one of some footballer more as Malcom or Rakitic. Including to players in the operation, abaratará the final price of the signing and will lighten weight salarial in the staff to leave step to the wages of Griezmann and Neymar. An operation without place to doubts rocambolesca, and also something risky... But that even in France already see possible.

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