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Paul Pogba will have to decide if it remains or no in the Juventus

Published:4/05/2016 - 13:24h

Updated:4/05/2016 - 13:24h

The young midfield player pretended by average Europe, Paul Pogba, will have to decide during the next days if it accepts or no the offer of renewal of the Juventus of Turín, that would turn him into the better player paid of the Series To

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As it has ensured in the last hours "The Gazzetta Dello Sport", Paul Pogba will have between 15 and 20 days, less than three weeks, to decide if it accepts or no the proposal of renewal of the Juventus of Turín and, simultaneously, if it continues or no to the orders of Massimiliano Allegri of face to the next season, taking into account the multiple offers that has on the table.

As sucediera the past summer, foresees that along the next months the French midfield player was also the big protagonist of the "Serial" estival of signings, unless it resolve his future with the Juventus before contesting the Eurocopa of France 2016, something that to day of today seems complicated. The French player is to taste in the Juventus, but knows for sure that in the Premier League, Spain or France could turn into one of the better footballers paid of the world, and could no desaprovechar the opportunity.

It does some months sounded with a lot of strength for the FC Barcelona, but the 100 million euros that poses the Juventus like price of traspaso are really unthinkable for a Barça that is not had to pay similar quantity by a footballer that would fit to perfection in the staff, but more as I complement that like main star.

The general director of the Juventus, Giuseppe Marotta, already left clear does some days that Pogba did not be, although the true is that everything will depend on the decision that take the own footballer. Has less than three weeks to decide if it renews or no. If it does it, it will win around 6,5 million euros by season. If it does not do it, it could win more money in the Premier League playing with Chelsea or Manchester City. It will accompany Pogba to Guardiola in the stage of the of Santpedor in the Etihad Stadium? It will be necessary to see it.

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